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Your Magic Stress Pill

Your life feels like you are running at mach 6 with your hair on fire, driving a car with square wheels, and your to-do list keeps growing at a geometric rate. YOU ARE STRESSED!!

Our ancestors would have never predicted the grueling pace at which most of us live our lives in today’s hyper-connected world. We live in an age where more and more people feel “stressed out”, and they are begging for a magic pill or solution to their self-induced insanity.

You have such a “magic pill” that you can use every day…for free!

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A Dose of Farm Fun

I love that in the Quad Cities, we’re only a short drive from fun on a farm. There’s really something special about a Midwest farm.

What kids don’t love farm animals and space to roam (or run)? And really, what adults don’t love fresh produce without the pain of gardening themselves?

Everyone needs a chance to hang out on a farm every once in awhile. It’s just plain good for the soul.

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3 Days of Art: May Day Gallery Hop & MRVAD (Mississippi River Valley Art Drive)

Attend 2007-01-18 15.22.292 unique art events held during the first weekend of May!

Two events that I always attend each year in the spring are Gallery Hop! and the MRVAD (Mississippi River Valley Art Drive). If you like to go from place to place in a colorful atmosphere, each of these events are made for you.

The first event will be held in The District, the arts and entertainment area of downtown Rock Island, IL.

May Day Gallery Hop! will be held on Friday, May 1 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. I like to attend with friends and stay for the whole evening. We grab a map which is available at all hop locations and we walk from gallery to gallery and art venue to art venue to see what the artists are exhibiting. Continue reading 3 Days of Art: May Day Gallery Hop & MRVAD (Mississippi River Valley Art Drive)

3 Common Mountain Biking Myths Busted!

How does someone mountain bike in a community that has no mountains?
I promise you that the Quad Cities area offers an abundance of excellent mountain biking trails for riders of all skill levels.

Whether you are someMountain-Bikes-Quad-Citiesone who would like to “test drive” the sport of mountain biking, or if you are a seasoned pro who regularly engages in aerial acrobatics worthy of a Red Bull sponsorship; our community offers trails that will get your blood pumping, adrenaline flowing, and leave you with a silly grin on your face when you have finished navigating your trail.

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Pedal, Paddle, Trail

It was warm September morning and I was midway through an intense mountain biking workout at Scott County Park. Just as I rounded return that would lead me into a grove of trees, a deer ran across the path just 3 feet in front of me. My initial reaction was to jerk my handlebars in the opposite direction of the deer, resulting in what could only be described as an amateur version of aerial acrobatics that unfortunately was not captured on camera. I stood up and dusted myself off, hopped on my bike, and finished my work out with a huge grin on my face.

I was recalling a day just two months prior when I was biking with my son, Alex, at Scott County Park. He was insistent that we ride Area 51 (the Double Black Diamond route…or REALLY TOUGH for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term).

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