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IMG_3005Tucked away in a little stone cottage in the Village of East Davenport sits The Adventure Orange and Mint Green Boutique. From the outside looking in it appears to be one of the many retail storefronts along 11th Street, but behind the yarned, iron gate there’s so much more.

ao-8Recently the business held their Spring Open House, where they released their new product lines for the season and hosted guests for the evening. I had the opportunity to stop down and meet many of the artists whose creations are on sale at the shop, and talked with the head of the group, Anne Brown, about the women behind this forward-thinking collaborative.


The Adventure Orange is an artist co-op comprised of six women of different backgrounds. Anne Brown, Heather Kanazaki, Jennifer ‘Shizzy’ Powell, Meghan Hollister, Abby Rodriguez, and Ashley Francis; each participate in the cooperative by producing different goods to sell in the storefront and working one day a week in the shop.

IMG_2978Every artist has their own style and their own medium of choice – ranging from jewelry to paintings, terrariums to hand-made cards, and clothing of all kinds – each lady has a distinct and different style but still compliment one another and the venue. Brown described the group of women as being like-minded individuals, busy bodies with similar aesthetics and a knack for reusing and recycling old materials into new and beautiful things.

IMG_2973 IMG_2976

The Adventure Orange began in East Moline in 2006 and three years later began a partnership with Mint Green Boutique, a women’s clothing store located in the Village. Retail space in that neighborhood is quite pricey and the two entities came together to share the load of such an undertaking. Mint Green continues to manage the business operations while The Adventure Orange provides staff and inventory that compliments the feel and wares of the boutique.

What I really enjoyed about this space is that the cooperative allows the artists to make creation a social experience. The women who produce these wonderful wares get to sell directly to the public in a retail setting. And for the women in the co-op, they have a communal studio space available to use; they gather on Tuesday nights to work side by side and share feedback and materials with one another. It makes art more approachable and truly local.

The Adventure Orange and Mint Green Boutique is located at 2208 East 11th Street in the Village of East Davenport. They are open Monday through Saturday, 10am – 4pm. Stop in and check out the beautifully crafted goods that women of the Quad Cities have created together.



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