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Favorite Stops in Bishop Hill

Just a short 45-minute drive from the Quad Cities is historic Bishop Hill, Illinois.

bishop hill

My family loves to take day trips to Bishop Hill for a shopping, dining and exploring. There are fun things for all ages (and tons of wonderful festivals and events throughout the year).

A little history about Bishop Hill:

Founded in 1846 by Swedish immigrants, Bishop Hill was designed to be a utopia. The community was a successful communal society for 15 years before disbanding in 1861. Many of the structures built in the 1800s during those 15 years are still used in the town today. And the “downtown” district feels like a blast to a different century.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding: A New Way to Experience Summer Fun!

10501599_299150970263701_1870335614078011898_nIt is the time of year for fun on the river to begin in the Quad Cities Area. From boating to kayaking, to just bellying up to the Mississippi for an afternoon in the sun, many of us enjoy the activities the river has to offer. This year Abby Webster-Moran and her team at Indigo Wellness have something new to offer into the mix: Stand Up Paddle boarding.

10415611_291102691068529_6601880447711188343_nStand Up Paddle boarding, or SUP, is essentially just that – one stands up on a long board with a paddle similar to what you would use in a canoe, and away you go. This will be the second season that Abbey’s company, Flow SUP Co., will be offering lessons and demonstrations to our area.

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Memorial Day Weekend Activities

memorial dayAnticipation is in the air already as people are gearing up for the first holiday 3-day weekend of the summer.  The sun is finally out and the weather is remarkably warmer than earlier this week.

So…. What you doing this weekend?  We’ve put together a list of things to keep you busy when you’re not grilling out.

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The Mississippi River Valley Is Alive With The Art & Sound of Music

11209752_10204243437709625_6085125497617996966_nThe artistic celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Quad City Symphony Orchestra, “100 Years, 100 Cellos” promises to be a fabulous fundraiser next week. 100 area artists and teams of artists have painted unique designs on 100 cellos which are on display across the Quad Cities through the end of May.

Why cellos?

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Vitamin H: Your Key to a Fit and Healthy Summer

When your body is running in tip-top shape, you may feel like you are driving a finely tuned sports car. Unfortunately, many of us are coming out of a long winter and as the layers of clothing peel away, realize that our finely tuned “sports car” may bear a closer resemblance to a minivan than a Ferrari, and may be in need of a tune up for the summer months.

“What the heck is Vitamin H?”

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Chuggington Live! at Adler Theatre

“We’re trainees, we’re making tracks …”

If you – like me – can finish this song, you won’t want to miss Chuggington Live at Adler Theatre on Tuesday, May 12. Perfect for all the littlest (and biggest) engineers in the Quad Cities, this live-action, children’s musical is based on the popular television series.

My own two-year-old is train and Chuggington obsessed, so we can’t wait to see the train-tastic adventures of the Chuggington trainees in person. It’s like bringing the television show to life!

Now we just need to decide WHICH train outfit to wear. Decisions, decisions.

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Mother’s Day Ideas

Mothers-Day-11Every year Mother’s Day seem to come up so fast in May.  If you are still looking for some ideas for this weekend to honor your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, aunt, friend, or woman you look up to, here are some options:

Moms get Free Admission on Sunday at the Quad City Botanical Center and Figge Art Museum.

Downtown Davenport has put together a list of events, shopping, activities, etc. to do this weekend.  The Beaux Arts Fair is going on this weekend at the Figge Art Museum.

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