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Quad Cities Women’s Outdoors Club

About five years ago, Judi Sarafin saw an article in the paper about the Quad Cities Women’s Outdoors Club (QCWOC) and happened to know someone mentioned in the story. Inspired by a recent pilgrimage to see the Dali Lama and a newly discovered freedom in a divorce, Judi felt compelled to reach out to this person and inquire about the club.

“From what I learned from the Dali Lama and from what I’ve read, people who have more connections and are in more groups live longer….at a time in my life when I didn’t know where I was going and what I was doing, it really helped me out so much.”

Judi is now the Marketing Representative for the Club and I recently had the opportunity of sitting down and asking her a few questions about what the QCWOC is all about.

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Turntable Tuesdays at RIBCO

A record. Vinyl. Wax. Regardless of what your generation called record albums, chances are you have a personal connection to the music medium in some way. Records as pressed, sound-reproducing musical devices have been a part of the American existence since their invention by Thomas Edison in 1877. Back then, the cone-shaped, waxed devices were only the beginning of a long history of a way to experience music. It didn’t take long to switch to the ideal disc-shaped version, and there have been so many more revolutions since then; from materials used to the sizes of the discs and the motors that move them, the evolution of the album is an interesting one indeed.

Vinyls were dying out, but then there was an upswing. Why?

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Asian Cuisine: One New and One Iconic…Both Delicious!

When my family comes to town from Cincinnati, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois, they want a unique and delicious dining experience. Often Asian food is our dining choice. In the past three months, we have eaten at two restaurants that I would recommend to locals and tourists.

The first is the iconic Vietnamese Le Mekong Restaurant in downtown Moline, Illinois. Open since 1985, this restaurant has been newly renovated and now offers a room for parties. I have always liked the ambiance of Le Mekong with its white table cloths and quiet space to have long conversations. The menu is excellent and has been updated with new dishes and many of the past favorite dishes included. A tea menu is now available along with fine wine, beer and mixed drinks.

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Tug across the Mississippi!

Remember in gym class when you would all line up for a classroom versus classroom (or boys versus girls) tug-of-war? You pulled with all your might, struggling to keep your feet planted on the ground. For a brief moment in time, you were having the time of your life. And now, even when out of required recreation classes, you can still have that fun while supporting a great cause.

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The Mississippi Valley Fair…A Lively and Living Art Form!

MVF sign

Vintage buildings
Vintage buildings

It was a beautiful summer day today so early this morning I decided to stop by the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa. It is an annual visit that I make with my friend, Abby, who was busy with other event planning today. Since I arrived early I was able to get a prime free parking space near the ticket booth and breeze right in. My first stop was the fair building that held the judging for various creative arts. Today was the judging of cakes and other bakery items.

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