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Vino Van Gogh!

Every few months I like to attend a Vino Van Gogh class and do a little painting. A good friend of mine and I have established this tradition of attending one seasonally. It is not only a nice way to spend an evening, but a creative way to memorialize the passage of time and the beauty of the seasons.

10624782_764438953616977_738210928732731788_nWe’ve painted paintings of park benches under the changing leaves of fall, and holiday trees during the winter, most recently we painted a guitar as a symbol for our love of summer music festivals. Watch my progression as you go along…

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Run the River!

Lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement. It’s time for the annual Quad Cities’ Marathon!

The race, which will be celebrating its 18th anniversary on Sunday this year, hosts over 10,000 runners, family members and volunteers every year. And all for a good cause, too. The marathon benefits both the prostate cancer research/screening and the Erika Kate Hope Alliance, which helps families of children with life threatening heart conditions.

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Kayak Racers In Fog

The Midwest’s Top Fall Adventure Race Is This Weekend!

One of the top adventure races in the Midwest is celebrating their 10th Anniversary this weekend! On September 19, 2015, the Quad Cities will be filled with outdoor enthusiasts who are taking part in River Action’s Taming of the Slough race.
Mike Ernster On Stand Up Paddle Board
Mike Ernster on his Stand Up Paddle Board
Taming of the Slough is a combination paddling, mountain biking, trail running event that you will never forget. Whether you watch or participate, you’ll quickly see why this race has been a favorite of thrill seekers for the past 10 years.

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Favorite pumpkin patches in the Quad Cities

It’s finally feeling a little like autumn in the Quad Cities area, and with the cooling temperatures come some of my favorite activities of the year. There are so many wonderful activities, programs and festivals in the Quad Cities during the fall. But one of our favorite family traditions is visiting the pumpkin patch.

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Art, Music, Food & Wine Overlooking the Mississippi River

Over 28 years ago a group of professional local artists decided that the Quad Cities needed an art fair run by artists with the interests of the participating artists in mind. That was the birth of Riverssance Festival of Fine Art. Since its inception, Riverssance has been bringing the finest of local and national artists and artisans to the area each year.

Located in the historic Village of East Davenport in Davenport, Iowa, the art fair is held annually the 3rd full weekend in September (Sept. 19-20) in Lindsay Park on the top of a tree-lined hill which overlooks the scenic Mississippi River.

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Chef Brandon Zawada of Milan Hy-Vee

Chef Brandon Zawada of the Hy-Vee located at 201 10th Ave W in Milan, Illinois, has been doing some pretty interesting things lately. Intrigued by what I had experienced and what I kept hearing from other people, I asked him if I could sit down and ask him some questions about what he’s up to and what his job entails.

I learned that every single Hy-Vee has an executive chef who oversees many different things in various sectors of the store. Chef Zawada oversees the Market Cafe as well as the several other kitchens in Hy-Vee. He has many different responsibilities and absolutely loves it.

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Putnam Family Fun!

Learning plays a pivotal role in every child’s life. Students attempt to absorb vast amounts of knowledge upon entering their schooling. But when you can bring that learning to life for a child and provide them with that “hands-on” learning experience that is when the information truly becomes a part of them. This and more can be done easily at the Quad Cities Putnam Museum.

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