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College Hill District: Neighborhood Businesses with Eclectic Vibe

On the top of the hill in Rock Island, Illinois, near Augustana College is a wonderful neighborhood shopping and dining area called the College Hill District. This area is perfect for eclectic shopping and dining. It is also an excellent area for serving your other daily needs through numerous service related businesses. It is easy to walk from place to place while enjoying the ambiance.logo Continue reading College Hill District: Neighborhood Businesses with Eclectic Vibe

2nd Street in Davenport, Iowa

If you are ever in need of a way to spend the afternoon, perhaps you have relatives in town or have a night kid-free, one can easily spend a whole day on 2nd Street in Davenport. Whether you come across the Mississippi River on the Centennial Bridge or the Arsenal, there are so many interesting places to visit between the two bridges.

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Night with The Illusionists was packed with magic and laughter

If you’ve never seen a live magic show, add The Illusionists to your bucket list.

Illusionists Davenport Iowa2

I’ve never been to Las Vegas, but I think this show gave me a great (Midwest) taste of the strip! There were magical illusions that kept you guessing. There were mysteries that kept you asking, “How?”

First, I tried to figure out how everything was happening. Where was a trap door? Is that a new person? What just happened?

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Running on Chocolate…


With our beautiful river trails, the Quad Cities the perfect venue for advocates of active and healthy lifestyles.  Lifestyles of balance and happiness. Biking, running, walking, swimming, galore!  You name it.  But with the state-wide and even national pull for our Bix 7, Marathon and even the Firecracker, it is evident the QC is the place-to-be for races!

So turn up those iPods and lace up those sneakers, it’s time for the annual Lagomarcino’s Cocoa Beano 5K.

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Beauty and the Beast at the Adler Theatre

By age 9, I believed I could be Belle from Beauty in the Beast.

I practiced the songs in the mirror regularly and danced along with the characters in the movie. I had a Belle dress and plenty of toys – including Chip the teacup.

So imagine my delight when I learned that Belle (and the entire cast of Beauty and the Beast) are coming to the Adler Theatre on Thursday, Nov. 3.

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Quad Cities Tweed Ride

The Quad Cities Annual Tweed Ride will be held on Saturday, October 19, guaranteed to be a day of bicycle riding and silly fashion fun. Inspired by the original Tweed Run that takes place in London, it is one of many that have sprung up around the world over the past few years; from cities in Russia to Seattle, Des Moines to Buffalo, New York, Tweed Rides are catching on as a fun way to spend a day.

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The Illusionists – from Broadway to the Adler

A show that combines humor, magic, death-defying stunts and acts of wonder is something I don’t want to miss. You don’t either! The Illusionists are coming to the Adler Theatre in downtown Davenport on Monday, Oct. 12 for two evening shows.

This is a fast-paced spectacular with seven of the most incredible illusionists on earth. It’s been breaking box office records and selling out shows worldwide (including shows on Broadway).
Illusionists, The: ? Witness the Impossible Marquis Theatre Synopsis: Seven illusionists enact mind-bending acts of magic and illusion; many have never been seen before. This critically acclaimed production is a mix of outrageous, jaw-dropping acts of grand illusion, levitation, mind-reading, disappearance and a full-view water escape.  Cast List: The Manipulator, Yu Ho-Jin The Anti-Conjuror, Dan Sperry The Trickster, Jeff Hobson The Escapologist, Andrew Basso The Inventor, Kevin James The Warrior, Aaron Crow The Futurist, Adam Trent

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