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On a recent cold and soggy Monday evening, the rain was pouring down and threatened to turn to snow. The area weathermen and women were warning us all to stay off the roads and indoors, for this winter storm was only going to get worse.

I was sitting in the kitchen of a friend of mine who happens to own a 4-wheel truck. I suggest that it’s the perfect night to finally check out the new arcade bar in downtown Davenport, because surely no one will be there.

Thankfully this friend is also adventurous and agrees to take us there through the pouring rain, which has now, indeed, turned to snow.

Analog Arcade Bar, located at 302 Brady Street in downtown Davenport, opened at the end of October in 2015. It’s filled with old arcade games, pinball machines, and an assortment of other games, like skee ball, all placed in a super cool bar setting. We made it safely through the snow, and my hunch was right, there weren’t too many people there, we had the lay of the land!

IMG_1403IMG_1413What a great place this is! The building itself was originally built in 1918 as Scott County Savings Bank; many of the banks’ architectural features are still in tact and add to the charm of your experience. Upon walking in, the space opens up into this gorgeous, grandiose bar, it is a wonderful mix of old concrete and tile work with new woodwork, mimicking the juxtaposition of old toys in a new business.

IMG_1402There are seemingly endless things to do there. I re-lived my childhood with the Simpsons game that used to be out at the old theater on Brady Street!


IMG_1422I got an amazingly high score playing Ice Ball (which is really skee ball), and got severely beaten at shooting hoops. I also took a moment to enjoy their private seating areas available; two bank vaults have been converted into cozy rooms perfect for cards and conversation.

IMG_1434After $10, or 40 tokens, we decided that enough battles had been won and enough snow had fallen onto the ground that it was time to go. I had such a wonderful time at Analog Arcade Bar and look forward to going again, I highly recommend it to anyone over the age of 21.




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Deborah Davis Deborah Davis, otherwise known as QCAlegirl, was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, where she currently resides. A self-proclaimed craft beer fanatic, she spends her days either working at a local nano-brewery or researching and writing for her blog, While she’s not traveling around the Midwest in search of new experiences, she also enjoys yoga, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

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