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Jason Aldean Creates Raving Fans Once Again

Jason Aldean just kicked off his We Were Here World Tour on January 14, 2016, to the delight of a nearly sold out crowd at the iWireless Center in Moline, IL.

Jason Aldean sells out stadiums and arenas wherever they go, and aside from putting on an amazing show; here are 3 success lessons I pulled from my time with them:

Jason Aldean Live 21. Success Is Never Accomplished Without a Team.
The band does not set up their own show, they have an army of people dedicated to creating an amazing outcome.

2. Rehearse your desired outcome.
The band and crew invests countless hours rehearsing the music, special effects, and choreography for the show. This helps create an amazing audience experience, and nothing is left to chance.

3. When it is your time to hit the stage….Go All In!
It is easy to give it your all when you feel like it. True professionals know how to tap into their talents when they are sick, tired, or if they have just had a fight with their spouse. Turn it on…because that is all your audience cares about.

What do you do to excel at what you do?


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Dave "The Shef" Sheffield Dave "The Shef" Sheffield is a keynote motivational speaker and author. He is an avid kayaking, mountain biking, and trail running enthusiast. He lives in Pleasant Valley, Iowa, and also loves cooking, playing guitar, photography, and spending time with his kids.

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