Adult Coloring in the QCA

You may or may not have noticed, but Adult Coloring is all the rage right now and it has taken hold in the Quad Cities. I started noticing coloring products being sold specifically to adults during my travels over the last six months. They were being sold at airports, bookstores have dedicated sections to adult coloring now, and I saw color pages being sold at a music festival.

The trend has set in our area as well. Both the Putnam Museum and the Rock Island Public Library are hosting Adult Coloring Parties regularly and I decided to attend one and check it out.

IMG_1858I went to the Putnam on a Saturday morning; the party was from 10am – 12pm in their upstairs theater balcony. I arrived at 10:15 and stopped in at the gift shop to purchase some coloring supplies. I didn’t want to show up to the party unprepared! They had a very nice selection of books and coloring accoutrements.

IMG_1847I chose the “Zenscapes” coloring book. From a quick glance through a few of my options, the designs in this book were fairly simple. Some of the adult coloring books are very intricate.

IMG_1863I went upstairs, following the signs guiding me to an area of the museum I had never been to before. I came around a corner, not sure what to expect and to my surprise, there were over 50 people there, all quietly coloring. I was impressed by the turnout!

IMG_1853I found one of the last remaining seats at a table with four college students and two older women who were close friends. I introduced myself and got settled in and began to color. It was really nice. The space had a gorgeous view of Davenport, and my tablemates and I eventually opened up a little and engaged in conversation while coloring.

IMG_1851I was curious why everyone came to the party, and their responses are the same as what I’ve researched: “it’s calming, soothing, like meditation. It gives people a visual, achievable goal that they can control; it’s accessible, anyone can do it; and it’s portable, you can do it anywhere.” I came across a very interesting article about the meditative properties of coloring if you’d like to read up more about it, click here.

IMG_1862I do think there is something to that. It was very relaxing just sitting and having a task at hand to focus your energy towards, but it’s the simplicity of the action that makes it so soothing.

If you’re interested in attending an Adult Coloring party, the Rock Island Public Library hosts them on the last Monday of every month at 6pm in the Main Library. The next ones are Monday, February 29th and March 28th.

The Putnam Museum intends on hosting another party as well, however, they haven’t chosen a date yet.



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