“Cross the Tracks of Time: QC Railroad History”

From now until April 10, the German American Heritage Center hosts “Crossing the Tracks of Time: QC Railroad History”, an exhibit about the development of the railroad in the Quad Cities.


The German American Heritage Center is located at 712 W. 2nd Street in Davenport, at the foot of the Centennial Bridge. It is $3 for children 5-17, $4 for seniors, and $5 for adults. The Center has permanent exhibits relating to German History and also has regularly revolving exhibits of all sorts of eclectic and interesting topics, oftentimes covering local subject matter.

German-American-Heritage-Center“Crossing the Tracks of Time” had lots of interesting information about the construction and operation of the railroads here in the Quad Cities in the 1850’s. There are all sorts of historic artifacts from the era, such as conductor hats and the tokens they’d collect, tools used by the train engineers, and newspaper articles announcing new railway expansions and innovations. One can learn a lot about a technological innovation that continues to shape our area today.


One thing I love about the German American Heritage Center is they go above and beyond the scope of a standard exhibit and offer additional information that is often interactive and communal. The Center hosts different programs on the weekends, for example, on Sunday, March 20th at 2pm will be a presentation entitled “U.S. Railroad Operations During WWI”, given by Dr. Rudy Daniels. The Center hosts workshops frequently, many are kid friendly, and all vary in topic and activity, click here for a list of their current events.

IMG_1813The exhibit also contained a model train set with the ability for purchase. In the same area also were fliers announcing the next meeting of the Quad City Society of Model Engineers. It is for individuals interested in collecting, buying and selling model trains. If you’re so inclined, check out their website here.

IMG_1820There is always something new going on at the German American Heritage Center, sign up for their email list to conveniently stay informed on what’s coming up next.


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