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SAU exhibit explores the underlying message in comics

The last two years have been full of superhero reboots and comic sales skyrocketing. Many people will ask why and wonder the value of such an industry, which will lead us comic lovers to second guess ourselves as we age.

But before we debate watching the newest episode of The Flash versus the news, or put the kibosh on the kids wanting to rent that movie “just one more time” or even force them to trade in their comics for the Great American novel on a regular basis, think about revisiting the content-rich and historical messages these authors hid in the midst of their pages.

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The River is All You Need

An important part of leading a healthy lifestyle is keeping active. And in a community filled with recreational facilities, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy doing so. But one “facility” stands out more than any other — the Mississippi River. With a beautiful view and a warm breeze, the river trail provides the best scenery to stay healthy this new year.

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Figge’s LEGO® exhibit is fun for all ages

For those who love architecture, art or building – the newest exhibit at the Figge Art Museum is definitely worth a visit.

We recently spent a morning checking out the newest exhibition – The Art of Architecture. The exhibit includes large scale models made from LEGO® bricks by Architect Adam Reed Tucker. One of only 14 LEGO® Certified Professionals in the world, Tucker creates architectural models that become the basis for new LEGO kits and other products.

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‘The Discovery of King Tut’ Opens at the Putnam Museum

I recently had the pleasure of joining the Press Circuit on Friday, March 4, for a sneak peek preview of “The Discovery of King Tut”, the new exhibit at the Putnam Museum & Science Center.  The exposition covers Howard Carter’s exploration into King Tut’s tomb that he entered into in 1922 and what he found inside.

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QC-area Easter Egg Hunts

Hippity hoppity – Easter’s right around the corner in the Quad Cities.

This year, Easter feels earlier than ever (March 27). So it’s the perfect time to begin penciling some of the wonderful Easter Egg Hunts taking place in Iowa and Illinois.

Here are a few hunts taking place this year in the region. There are options are for all ages – and many are free for kids and families.

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Tippi Yogis: What is that?

It’s been over a year now since local yoga instructor, Michelle Ladwig, began holding her Tippi Yogis classes. These classes are a bit different than your standard session; they take place outside of a studio in out-of-the-ordinary places, typically in local taverns. I met with Michelle recently to learn about what inspired her to begin practicing on bar tops.

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