The River is All You Need

An important part of leading a healthy lifestyle is keeping active. And in a community filled with recreational facilities, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy doing so. But one “facility” stands out more than any other — the Mississippi River. With a beautiful view and a warm breeze, the river trail provides the best scenery to stay healthy this new year.

10,000 Step Program – Walking 10,000 steps a day has been promoted as an easy way to stay healthy and de-stress. The Ben Butterworth Parkway in Moline has signage along portions of the trail announcing how many steps taken from one point to the next. Not only will you have walked 10,000 steps along the path, but in this case, that’s almost 5 miles!index

Run the River – The trails along the river are a runner’s paradise. It is a relaxing straightforward path that continues for miles. Whether you want to run for 3, 6 or 9 miles, you can do so without ever having to turn around or cross a busy roadway. And if you’re training for a race, it gives you practice on a pathway more equivalent to one in a road race.

Ride the River –The banks of the river aren’t just for dipping tires after RAGBRAI. Grab a helmet and jump on the bike. It’s a fun way to get healthy and include the family.index2

Fit Family Fun on the Playground – Staying active can be as fun (and as simple) as chasing the little ones around the playground. Visit one of multiple playgrounds on the river front and enjoy playing with the children in your life. Not only does it help with the active part of a healthy lifestyle, but it makes you happy, an all-important component to your mental health. In addition, Genesis now sponsors a miniature park next to the children’s equipment filled with adult exercise equipment.

As the temperatures rise and the ice melts, ditch the gym for some fresh air. All you need is right on the river front.


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Katy Williams As a life-long Quad Cities resident, Katy is an Elementary Education major working on Reading and ESL/ELL endorsements at St. Ambrose University in Davenport. She loves running, traveling, cooking, working with kids, spending time with her fiance and her family & friends, education, and putting a pen to paper. She also works part-time as a preschool teacher at a local learning center and has been a published writer from a very young age. Most notably, she has been a columnist for the Dispatch-Argus newspaper since the age of fifteen, and a Radish Magazine contributor, since the age of nineteen.

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