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Camera:   DCS520C
Serial #: K520C-02434
Width:    1728
Height:   1152
Date:  7/21/01
Time:   8:04:49
DCS5XX Image
FW Ver:   3.2.3
TIFF Image
Look:   Product
Sharpening Requested: No
Counter:    [30310]
ISO Speed:  200
Aperture:  f3.5
Shutter:  1/640
Max Aperture:  f2.8
Min Aperture:  f22
Exposure Mode:  Aperture priority AE (Av)
Compensation:  +0.0
Flash Compensation:  +0.0
Meter Mode:  Evaluative
Flash Mode:  No flash
Drive Mode:  Continuous
Focus Mode:  AI Servo
Focus Point:  --o--
Focal Length (mm):  31
White balance: Preset (Daylight)
Time: 08:04:49.823

The Run of the Summer

Time to lace up those running shoes hit the road again for the trademark Quad-Cities race of the summer: the Bix 7.

Beginning in 1975, the idea from the race came from John Hudetz, who wanted to bring the liveliness he experienced at the 1974 Boston Marathon to the Quad-Cities area. The idea sparked the seven-mile road race, marking the first time anyone in the QC area was allowed to run on the physical street for a road race.

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Outdoor Dining With A Fabulous River View

Delicious Dining & Drinks at the Driftwood Pub on the Mississippi River

I have found a new restaurant on the banks of the Mississippi River in Davenport, Iowa. Located a short walk west of the Davenport Sailing Club, which is one of the oldest sailing clubs in the country, and on the bike/pedestrian path, the Driftwood Pub is a wonderful addition to the area. If you crave good food with a river view and an outdoor dining experience, I highly recommend the Driftwood which offers the best view of the river in the Quad Cities.

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Hi Res of Time line

9/11 Never Forget Mobile Exhibit Comes to Rock Island

Where were you on 9/11?

I was 12 years old, a few weeks into seventh grade. I got to my health class and noticed the TV was turned on. The teacher was standing in front of it, his hand at his mouth. Footage of the attacks. The planes crashing. The towers falling.

I remember the bus ride home was silent. As students were dropped off at their stops, their parents rushed out to meet them, cheeks wet.

By most accounts, I was still a child. I was shaken throughout the day – the week, the month, the year – but didn’t comprehend the attacks the same way an adult did.

Now that I’ve grown, I approach the 15th anniversary of 9/11 with a new set of eyes, experiences and emotions.

I now know the story of Stephen Gerald Siller, one of the hundreds of FDNY firefighters who lost his life while saving others on 9/11. He was 34 years old.

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Farm-to-Table Dinners at QC FoodHub

On Wednesday, June 16th I had the pleasure of attending my first Quad Cities Food Hub (QCFH) Local Roots Farm to Table Dinner. It was the sixth dinner that the QCFH has hosted in their upstairs event space, and I was beyond impressed. Not only was the food outstanding, but it also introduced me to a lot of cool, health-focused activity going on in and around the Freight House in downtown, Davenport.

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My Favorite QC Cup of Coffee…and it’s Not Hot!

Every Sunday I wake up and treat myself to my favorite cup of coffee made by Redband Coffee Co. It is the New Orleans Style iced coffee, a combination of coffee concentrate, brown sugar, and whole milk. It is a delicacy all on its own; a sickly sweet, smooth beverage that is refreshing and satisfying in the ways only a great coffee can be. Why Redband?

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An Array Of Wines

Lavender Crest Winery: Special Place To Wine & Dine

Since I am a fan of short day trips, I think Lavender Crest Winery in Colona, Illinois, is a must visit destination. Lavender Crest, which opened in 2004, is located on 9 acres of rich land. It is a special place to enjoy outside dining as well as indoor dining, special occasions and events. The outdoor dining area is on a shaded patio and looks out onto the vineyard and a large gazebo.

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