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Cinema at the FIGGE

Local photographer, Joshua Ford, is doing some super cool stuff at the FIGGE Art Museum in downtown Davenport. He is bringing art house films to the Quad Cities and screening them in the theater, but the events are developing into being so much more than showing a movie on a big screen. I had been hearing about his plans for an event at the museum and decided to check it out on a Wednesday evening in October.

The films Ford chooses are ones the other local cinemas aren’t going to show. They are more cerebral, less mainstream, and thought provoking. There is more than one film showing; the presentation begins with a series of shorts, a brief intermission, then followed by a feature length film.

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Small Business Saturday Q-C Style

Small Business Saturday encourages people to support small, local businesses as you go about your holiday shopping. They don’t have the millions of dollars to run national ad campaigns encouraging you to be there at 4 a.m. for a ginormus TV.  And maybe you do need a ginormous TV this year, but don’t forget small businesses have some really great stuff too!

Here are some places in the Quad Cities to shop!

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St. Ambrose and the QC’s best kept secret

We all know St. Ambrose to be a well-known university in this town, especially for the sciences. Physical Therapy? The place to be. Nursing? One of the best! But Education? I’d never heard of my major being linked to anywhere but larger state schools. However, the smaller, liberal arts centered, St. Ambrose University (SAU), located in Davenport, IA, holds what I believe to be one of the best, well-trained and personalized Teacher Education programs in the Midwest. It is one of SAU’s best kept secrets – and one of their biggest assets, to date. (And I may be a little biased because I go there.)

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Local Artists Yurt & Barn Fall Studio Tour

Last Sunday, Brian and I, enticed by the best fall weather in years, went to support local artists in their studio spaces. The annual open house for three well respected Bettendorf, Iowa, artists–Sally Gierke, Karen Brinson and Jim Cronk–was outstanding . All of the artists are known for their ceramic work while Karen also creates interesting fiber pieces in shadow box frames.

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Holiday movie + Festival of Trees = perfect weekend

Festival of Trees is right around the corner – which is really the kickoff to the holiday season in the Quad Cities.

You probably already know about the trees, the shows, the parade and the special events. Maybe you think you know everything there is to know about Festival of Trees. (Read about some of my favorite parts of the annual event from last year.)

But this year, I’m also excited about a brand new partnership between Festival of Trees and the Putnam Museum. Because there’s a new event you won’t want to miss – and it’s fun for the entire family.

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Where in the QC to find Santa

Santa must love the Quad Cities.  If you are like my son, you may like to hedge your bets and see Santa more than once. (Because then he won’t forget what’s on your Christmas list this year.) Or maybe we just have lots of good girls and boys here. Now that holiday season is upon us, there are plenty of opportunities to see the jolly man in the flesh.

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Enjoy A Beautiful River View At The Candlelight Inn & Add Antiquing to the Mix

It was one of those fantastic fall days on Sunday so Brian and I decided to take a day trip to try the Candlelight Inn in Clinton, IA. Clinton is 51 minutes from the Quad Cities if you go through LeClaire, Iowa, along the river. The Inn is located on the Mississippi River with a wonderful view of birds and river traffic. There is a nice marina, too. The location is next to the City of Clinton Showboat and I would like to go to a performance there in the future.

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