3 boys holding and amazed by 3 ducklings

Ducks, tractors, and fun at the John Deere Pavilion

You don’t want to miss the quack-tacular duck hatching at the John Deere Pavilion. With four boys under 8 this is one of our favorite spring events. There are ducks, tractors, fun things to learn, and the magic of new life.

There are actually ducks pecking their way out of eggs.
Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve seen my fair share of “hatching” eggs which usually involve a big light shining on what look to be very stationary, non-exciting Hy-Vee extra large eggs in some kind of box or cage. At the Pavilion they must really know what they are doing because last year we actually saw multiple ducklings working their little hearts out. The eggs were moving. Their little beaks were poking through. There was one already successfully out of the egg all dewy and blinking. It was magical.Easter and JD Pavillion (9)

There is learning. Fun learning.
Between coloring pages and kid-friendly explanations, my boys learned all about how ducks hatch from eggs. This year looks even better “with informational sessions conducted at the top of every hour. In addition to observing duck eggs hatching and ducklings playing and swimming, families will be treated to brief presentations that will help children learn about ducklings.” (John Deere Pavilion News Release)

1 year old petting a ducklingThere are ducks you get to hold.
They are soft and cute. They make little peeping sounds. They bring wonder and excitement to little faces (and maybe some big ones, too).

When I saw information about the duck hatching a few years ago, I was nervous to take our boys – some adventures just lend themselves to long lines, squished ducks, and crying kids. This event was so well organized. The line moved quickly, the ducks were well protected, and our boys were bubbling with excitement about their new little ducky friends.P1030005 - Copy

This year, Peter Rabbit will be there.
I have waited for years to bring out my childhood Peter Rabbit series.
I think this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.Peter Rabbit book from 1970s

And, as always, the John Deere Pavilion has tractors.
One of the very best things about living in the Quad Cities is our close encounters with tractors. The first place our oldest son, Charles, could identify besides our own house was the John Deere Pavilion in Moline. It’s fun; you won’t want to miss.

farming on screen at JD pavilion
Charles “harvesting” on the simulator.
1 year old riding a tractor
It’s important to dress the part. #gogreen for John Deere

The 2017 John Deere Pavilion’s duck hatching event takes place April 13-15, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The Pavilion is located at 1400 River Drive in Moline, IL. Call 309-795-1000 for more information.


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