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Dare to Dream Big at the Family Museum’s Exhibit

Dr. Seuss once said, “Why fit in when you can stand out?”

It’s a quote we all hope our children can aspire to. To do their best, and live their dreams in the happiest and healthiest manner they can.

We want them to aspire to be great things, but what inspires them? Of course we can, but in an ever social media and technology infested world — children are following what is on the television screens.

So, we want them to watch something that will inspire them. And as a preschool teacher, I can’t imagine a better character to do this then Disney Jr.’s Doc McStuffins.

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Bent River Releases 2017 Double Uncommon

April 22 was the 2nd Annual Double Uncommon Release day at Bent River Brewing Co. in Rock Island, Illinois, and I was lucky enough to attend. Bent River is the biggest brewery in the Quad Cities with two locations: a brewpub in downtown Moline and their production facility in Rock Island, which gives them a distribution span of four states.

IMG_6413Uncommon Stout is one of the most popular beers made in the Quad Cities, rivaling macro-brewed lagers on draft locally and out selling many other six packs at the grocery and liquor stores. Because of this, it is only fitting that one of Bent River’s most successful events is centered on the brew.

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