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This year is the 13th Anniversary of River Action’s Explore the River Educational Series. From now until September 2nd there will be several different subjects covered, from history to wildlife to bridges presented through Channel Cat Talks and Riverine Walks.

According to their vision statement, River Action is an organization that works to, “foster the environmental, economic, and cultural vitality of the Mississippi River and its riverfront in the Quad Cities”. They do so by organizing several different types of activities for the community all throughout the year.


The Channel Cat Talks offer an educational experience while on the river enjoying a boat ride. Each talk takes place from 9-10:45am and are located at the Celebration Pier Channel Cat Landing, 2951 E. River Drive in Moline. There are a wide variety of subjects from historical to artistic to nature-focused, all led by local experts of the field. The Channel Cat Talks are $14 per person and limited by 40 people. Click here to learn more about the Channel Cat Talks and to sign up!

Antoine LeClaire House in Davenport, Iowa

The Riverine Walks are guiding walking tours located all throughout the Quad Cities Area. The location and subject matters change weekly, each focused on an interesting area based on architecture, geography, history, or a combination of all three!

I recently attended the Riverine Walk on Antoine LeClaire given at the LeClaire home in Davenport, led by local historian, Karen Anderson. I was impressed with it all–the number of attendees, the history provided about my area, how it relates to our nation’s history, and the house itself was just beautiful.


One of the many reconstructed fireplaces in the Antoine LeClaire House

The walks take place Wednesday evenings 6:30-8pm and then with a repeat of the same talk Saturday mornings 9-10:30am. Each walk is $6 per person and have unlimited capacity, with the exception of two walks. Most walks are accessible for all fitness levels, however River Action can address any questions about availability and accessibility at (563) 322-2969. Sign up for a walk or learn more here. 

Triple Floor Staircase in the Antoine LeClaire House

These educational series offer fantastic new ways to re-explore our familiar surroundings for residents and introduce visitors to the more scenic and historic parts of our area. I look forward to attending more myself and encourage all to check the schedule and find a session that’s of interest. You won’t be disappointed while gaining a new perspective on the QCA.

View from the 3rd Floor of the Antoine LeClaire House




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