Aimee Ford and her ‘Lil’ Pugcassos’

Aimee Ford is a local artist with a her own space – AF Studio – located in downtown Moline, in the LeClaire Apartments building at 421 19th Street. There she has been creating a beautiful assortment of pieces with mediums ranging from oils to acrylics on different canvases and woods, filling out the space she moved into in December of 2016.

Ford has now moved onto her next idea – art classes for kids, in a program she calls “Lil’ Pugcassos”, the name being a combination of two loves – pugs and Picasso.


The classes offered are all one-on-one for kids ages 5-9 for $30 an hour, for 1-3 hours at a time. She recently opened up the age range to include whom she’s calling “Wild Warholians”, kids from 10-14 years old, for $40 an hour, for up to 5 hours.

AF Studio

The idea was inspired by an art class that Ford attended as a young girl on a farm outside of her hometown in Clinton, Iowa. She wanted to provide a nice, safe space for kids to come and explore their creative side without any competition or judgment. This is why lessons are one-on-one and parent-free (though exceptions can be made for any special needs lil’ pugcassos may have).

AF Studio

Ford teaches an array of subjects from shadows to light source to history in mediums from watercolors to chalk to graphite on paper, wood, and canvas. The subjects range from abstract to nature to self-portraits. Oftentimes Ford will have an idea of what each lesson will entail, but usually the student is the one who determines the direction they will go in an afternoon, depending on where their creative flow goes.


So far the program has been quite popular, in just 2 and a half weeks Ford had 20 different students and an already full calendar. Sessions are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If you know of a Lil’ Pugcasso or Wild Warholian that may be interested, call or text Aimee Ford at (309) 912-5989 and check out her work here on Facebook.


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