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Sometimes people that don’t live in the Quad Cities anymore need a little taste of home.  We understand that you can’t come back every week to get your favorite ice cream, chocolate, or pizza.  Or maybe you’ve visited the Quad Cities and you don’t have taco pizza like we do.  We have the info from the sources on the best way to order these items.

Lagomarcino’s is a fourth-generation confectionery that makes their own candy and ice cream at their soda fountain and deli.

Some of the most popular holiday items from Lagomarcino’s are the homemade Sponge Candy, jars of Hot Fudge, and any boxed chocolates.  Their holiday seasonal items are Chocolate Holiday Ornaments filled with their Homemade chocolates, chocolate snowballs filled with children’s candies, and their Homemade Peanut and Coconut Brittle.

They have shipped all over the world!  Beth Lagomarcino tells of a woman who called from Italy wanting her son studying in the U.S. to have a Chocolate Easter egg filled with chocolates like he would have had back home in Italy!  They also got a call from a serviceman stationed in Iraq who wanted to order an Easter egg for his family here in the Quad Cities.  Their store in the Village was so excited about this call that staff mentioned it to everyone coming in that day.  The serviceman’s wife happened to be one of those customers!

You can order items online year-round from their website and they have seasonal items.  If you want to be assured your item in time for Christmas, order by mid-December.

Whitey’s Ice Cream

Who doesn’t want quarts of Whitey’s Moose Tracks and White Chocolate Raspberry waiting in their freezer when they come home from a rough day?!  Or maybe Chocolate Peanut Butter Revel or Butter Pecan.  We could go on and on.

Whitey’s already has set packages created to make online ordering easy.  It’s best to try to stick to a package since it is already weighed out for shipping costs. But if you want to make any changes to the packages, contact their main office at 309-762-2175 and they will be able to assist in any changes you’d like to make.

Whitey’s ships all across the country on a regular basis, so they have shipped a lot of interesting places!

Shakes and malts are definitely the most popular item to ship. Everyone has their favorites, and the holidays are the perfect time to send a loved one that lives out of town their favorite shakes. Also, we ship a lot of Whitey’s merchandise close to the holidays. You can ship everything from t-shirts and sweatshirts to coffee mugs and gift cards.

The package will arrive in a Styrofoam container with dry ice. It is important to read the instructions provided in the package in order to handle and discard the dry ice.

The last day to ship in 2019 with FedEx 2Day service is Monday, December 16, with delivery on Wednesday, December 18. The last day to ship with FedEx Overnight service is Wednesday, December 18 with delivery on Thursday, December 19. All dates are weather permitting. For any shipments being placed after Wednesday, December 18, call their office at 309-762-2175 to place your order. Overnight holiday deliveries may arrive one day later due to heavy FedEx delivery volume.

Happy Joe’s Pizza

Joe Whitty opened the first Happy Joe’s in Davenport in 1972.  It had the unique combination of being a pizza and ice cream parlor.  His signature item was the Happy Joe’s Special, a pizza with Canadian bacon and sauerkraut that Whitty created from leftovers in his mother’s kitchen.  After a franchisee suggested adding tacos to the menu, Whitty invented the restaurant’s best-selling product, the Taco Pizza.

Happy Joe’s has a new eStore so you can order 2 or more large pizzas or Spicey Joe’s Taco Sauce and ship them.  You can choose from their specialty or cheese pizzas.  You can ship anywhere in the U.S. and they ship items Monday through Wednesday.

What other local products from the Quad Cities have you shipped to others?


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