Augustana Kaleidoscope Art Classes for Kids

Every year our kids take advantage of the fantastic art classes offered at Augustana College. Our second son especially cemented his love for creating in the Art Building on Augustana’s campus.

You can find out a lot of great specific details on the Kaleidoscope webpage.

As a mom, here’s what I love about these programs:

They are age appropriate. The classes are offered in three age ranges and the projects are tailored for each age. Every time my kids participate though, I am amazed at the advanced level of art my kids do at Kaleidoscope. Did my 4-year-old really just make a giant cardboard robot? Did my 9-year-old bring home a super impressive water color? Is that seriously a paper mache flamingo? You will be amazed!!

The teachers are incredible.┬áMore than a dozen “professional artists, art historians and art educators teach the classes” ( I can tell you from personal experience, my kids really connect and feel comfortable with these teachers. They speak at their level, are encouraging, and inspire my boys to develop and explore their artistic sides!

There are multiple time commitment options. Kaleidoscope offers 4-week sessions, single class lessons, and week-long programming. In many of the sessions, there are two options so students can take a class focused on one theme, have a supervised snack break, and then take a second class focused on another topic.

Kids love them! Honestly, my kids love going to Kaleidoscope. They never complain about going and they are engaged, excited and proud of their art!

Register online! You won’t regret it.


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Meghan Cooley Meghan Cooley moved to the Quad Cities from St. Charles, IL, as an Augustana College student over 20 years ago. She left briefly after graduation and then returned to work in admissions at Augustana College. She now works on Augustana's Marketing and Communications team as the Director of Recruitment Communications and Manager of Social Media Services for Admissions and is, of course, a loyal Viking. Now a true Quad Cities transplant, Meghan lives in Rock Island with her husband, Luke (R.O.W.V.A.and Augustana grad and Modern Woodmen employee) and four boys. She loves living in the Quad Cities and finds it the perfect place to raise a family, plan a date night, and go on adventures.

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