Jump into fun at Helium Trampoline Park

Helium Trampoline Park in Eldridge, Iowa, definitely lives up to its tagline of Iowa’s FUN park. We went with a dozen 7-year-olds for a birthday party and it was definitely tons of FUN!

What’s there:

  • Dozens and dozens of rectangular trampolines.
  • Trampolines with basketball hoops (my husband was very proud of his 5’10” dunking abilities)
  • 2 dodgeball areas that were trampoline courts
  • A 2 height ledge-fall onto a giant cushy pillow area
  • Jousting over trampolines

There are varying strengths and angles of trampolines. Some are more bouncy and some are less bouncy. Some of them angled up the wall so you could kind of run up them. Some had games attached. All of them were fun to jump, seat-drop and run on.

I’d say the youngest having a really fun time during the general hours were three years-old and the oldest…well, let’s just same there were some brave, adventurous parents/grandparents having a great time. Be sure to check out some specific hours for toddlers called Tot Time that seem like a great option for the younger crowd.

The birthday party service was excellent. We had a hostess that catered to our party, helped with drinks, food and cleanup as well as making sure to get us where all we needed to be for cake, presents, and fun. Each party has their own giant cage to keep coats, shoes, and other items together. It is was very well run and I’d recommend it as a really fun place for a kid’s birthday party. The customer service was excellent.

General hours:
Tuesday – Thursday 3:30pm-8pm
Friday 12pm-10pm
Saturday 10am-10pm
Sunday 10am-8pm
Monday Groups by reservations

Prices are based on minutes of jumping. I recommend looking for a Groupon or Deal of the Day from the local papers as they are often available, but I think Helium is still certainly worth the full price of admission even if you can’t find discount.

Have a bouncing good time at Helium Trampoline Park!


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Meghan Cooley Meghan Cooley moved to the Quad Cities from St. Charles, IL, as an Augustana College student over 20 years ago. She left briefly after graduation and then returned to work in admissions and then marketing at Augustana College for 18 years. She now works as a consultant for admissions marketing and social media. She also does copy editing and writes for the Quad City Moms Blog. Now a true Quad Cities transplant, Meghan lives in Rock Island with her husband, Luke (R.O.W.V.A. and Augustana grad and Modern Woodmen employee) and four boys. She loves living in the Quad Cities and finds it the perfect place to raise a family, plan a date night, and go on adventures.

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