Food Near the Flood: Antonella’s Ristorante

During the 2019 Flood in Davenport, Iowa, our family like many others in the Quad Cities headed towards the wettest places. We found other Quad Citizens supporting the businesses near the flooded streets. Our family safely checked out the flood from the downtown Davenport Skybridge and then headed to a Quad Cities local favorite: Antonella’s Ristorante.

Antonella’s was established in 2002 and is definitely a local favorite having been voted: “Best Kept Secret,” “Best Business Lunch,” and “Best Pizza.” Many local students select Antonella’s as their prom dinner location and they welcome the dolled-up teens. In 2012, President Obama visited and tasted an Ultimate Pasta for lunch. The chair he sat in is decorated in stars and stripes and there is a plaque on the wall, all of which greatly impressed our impressionable children (and, to be honest, the grown-ups as well).

The enticing menu boasts a full array of pasta dishes and pizza choices as well as a few other options including gluten-free meals. The lovely hostess shared with us that all the sauces are made from scratch as is the dough for the pizza. The dough is never pulled out of the freezer, but hand-rolled for each pizza that is ordered. There is both dine-in and carry-out available.

Our party of 6 started with some garlic cheese bread which was devoured. Then, we ordered cheese pizza, sausage pizza, tortellini, and spaghetti with marinara and meatballs. We can definitely speak to the exceptional taste! The dough on the pizza was light and buttery and while a thin crust was still thick enough to provide some tasty doughy parts. The tortellini was the perfect blend of meats and sauce. The spaghetti and  meatballs were definitely authentic Sicilian with rich flavors. The service was exceptional with our drinks promptly refilled, plates removed and tended, and considerate attending to all our needs.

Antonella’s was definitely family friendly. All four of our young boys were welcomed. The waitress was kind and helpful as they started and stopped through their orders. We felt at home in this sweet restaurant and will definitely return. The highlight for all our kids was the dough they were given to entertain themselves while waiting for food. Our crayons and cars were pushed to the side as they each received their own ball of dough. What fun!

Antonella’s second shop is located in the Freight House section of Davenport and the flood waters are definitely breaching the doors and then some! Be sure we aren’t the only ones to head to the flooded region of Davenport and not away. The restaurants downtown need our business right now! And, if you’re able, head on the Skybridge to check out one of the largest floods our region will every see. It’s quite the sight.


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Meghan Cooley Meghan Cooley moved to the Quad Cities from St. Charles, IL, as an Augustana College student over 20 years ago. She left briefly after graduation and then returned to work in admissions and then marketing at Augustana College for 18 years. She now works as a consultant for admissions marketing and social media. She also does copy editing and writes for the Quad City Moms Blog. Now a true Quad Cities transplant, Meghan lives in Rock Island with her husband, Luke (R.O.W.V.A. and Augustana grad and Modern Woodmen employee) and four boys. She loves living in the Quad Cities and finds it the perfect place to raise a family, plan a date night, and go on adventures.

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