Quad Cities Still Open for Business Despite Record Setting Flooding on the Mississippi River

Quad Cities Still Open for Business Despite Record Setting Flooding on the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River at Davenport, Iowa, has reached flood stage. The barrier protecting the eastern portion of downtown Davenport from the Mississippi River flooding was breached on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.  Several blocks in downtown Davenport are under water, but the majority of the downtown remains accessible. While the floodwaters are impeding certain areas along the river’s edge, the majority of businesses in the downtown areas remain open for business, for residents and visitors alike.

“Our number one priority is always the public safety of our Quad Citizens and visitors and we have an experienced team of public safety professionals working around the clock to protect them,” said Dave Herrell, President and CEO, Visit Quad Cities. “It is critically important that we all follow the direction of our public safety professionals while they work to protect and restore. The Quad Cities is absolutely open for business and we encourage you to support and patronize our region’s businesses and hospitality industry.”

“Our community has a strong track record rallying around each other when disaster strikes,” said Paul Rumler, President and CEO, Quad Cities Chamber.  “We’ll do our best to support those affected by the flood and look forward to welcoming visitors and residents to downtown Davenport as impacted businesses re-open.”

“We have great empathy for the businesses affected by this flooding and have great faith in our community to overcome it,” said Kyle Carter, Executive Director, Downtown Davenport Partnership.  “As the representative of the downtown businesses, we will work tirelessly to pull our neighbors up and get them back up on their feet.”

For flood updates and road closure and detour maps, please follow Davenport Public Works on Facebook and the City of Davenport Flood Information page.

For a list of open and closed downtown Davenport businesses, visit this website page at www.downtowndavenport.com.

If a group is interested in volunteering, please contact Scott County Emergency Management Agency at (563) 484-3077 to make contact with a volunteer coordinator.

There are ways you can help aid recovery efforts right now.

  1. Make a donation right now to the American Red Cross, which is providing shelter to those affected by the flood. You can learn about volunteer opportunities coordinated by the Red Cross by calling the local office at (309) 743-2166.
  2. The Salvation Army is also accepting donations and volunteer support to provide food to those impacted by the flooding. You can text Flood2019 and the amount of your donation to 41444.


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