Gangsters and Ghosts

Ghost Tours in Rock Island, IL

QC Haunts and History Tours is offering unique tours this Halloween sharing the spooky tales of Rock Island’s rich history. QC Haunts & History currently has the ONLY ghost tours in town! 

The Historical Cemetery Tour takes you through lovely Chippiannock Cemetery.

Hear tales of local villains and heroes both famous and infamous. You’ll also learn about gravestone symbolism and local history.
2 hours, 1 mile, $15/person
(recommended age 10+)

The Haunted Rock Island Tour shares the spooky stories of some haunted spots in Rock Island. Some have drawn the national attention of paranormal societies and TV shows. You’ll also learn a bit about John Looney and his nefarious gangster activities in the 1920s.
2 hours, 2 miles, $15/person (recommended age 10+)

The Gangsters and Ghosts Tour – Downtown dives deeper into 1920s gangster John Looney’s favorite establishments and the stories that rumble about including his being responsible for at least six murders! There are a number of other Rock Island buildings with haunting tales and activities as well.
2 hours, 1.5 mile, $15/person (recommended age 10+)

Four photos of rock island: Augustana College, Downtown, Chipiannock, and a tour stop

The driving force behind QC Haunts is Ms. Minda Powers-Douglas. She explains, “I’m a Moline native, and I’ve wanted to host ghost tours in the QCs for a long time. I love local history, and our ghost stories, legends, and history blend so well together.

“I’ve been giving presentations and tours about cemeteries and related areas for about 20 years now. I’m also the author of some books including Images of America: Chippiannock Cemetery. The tour being offered is of that cemetery.” Powers-Douglas is another QC native with deep roots and appreciation for what the area has to offer.

Buy tickets and check tour dates and times online at

There’s always something new and exciting to learn about the rich history of the Quad Cities. This Halloween season stir your senses and get a little spooked learning about the hauntings and history on these Rock Island ghost tours.



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