Recreational Cannabis in the QC – Rock Island County, Illinois

On January 1, 2020, recreational cannabis is now legal in Illinois.   Here is some information that may help answer your questions in this FAQ resource.

Where to Purchase Legally in the Illinois QC?

Currently, sale of recreational cannabis is only available at State Licensed Dispensaries in the Illinois. In the Quad Cities, Nature’s Treatment of Illinois (NTI) in Milan, Illinois, is the only licensed dispensary in the area.

Nature’s Treatment of Illinois (NTI) 

973 Tech Drive, Milan, IL

Phone 309-283-7642

Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm; Saturday 10am – 5pm; Sunday Closed

NOTE: Hours may change. Call or check their website or Facebook page.

If you plan on buying recreational cannabis, remember to bring your ID and cash.  NTI does not accept checks or credit cards.  The store won’t be fully stocked until the spring of 2020 when sales slow-down and cultivators have a chance to catch up.  This is the only location in the QC where you can legally purchase marijuana.Here’s What You Need to Know About Purchasing Cannabis in the Illinois Quad Cities area

(Recreational cannabis is still illegal in the state of Iowa, and cannot be brought across the Mississippi River from Illinois in the Quad Cities)

Who can purchase recreational Cannabis?

It is only legal for those 21and over.  You must present a state issued I.D. in order to purchase.

How much can be purchased?

Up to 30 grams for Illinois residents and up to 15 grams for non- residents

For Illinois Residents:

  • Pot/Weed (Leaf form) – 30 grams of leaf form cannabis is the maximum
  • Edibles (brownies, gummies, etc.) – 500 milligrams
  • Cannabis Concentrate (Oils, Creams, etc.) – 5 grams in the cap

Be Aware

  • Cannabis is still illegal in neighboring states, including across the Mississippi River in Iowa.
  • It is illegal for you to transport any cannabis products from Illinois to another state. Transporting cannabis across state lines may subject you to prosecution of both State and Federal laws which prohibit transportation of cannabis across state lines and possession of cannabis.
  • If you’re applying for citizenship, officials say buying recreational cannabis may affect your application since it’s still a federal offense to possess it.

Where CAN YOU Consume Cannabis?

Currently, the only place you can use legally purchased marijuana is inside a home you own, or in a hotel room designated as a location where cannabis can be consumed.

Where CAN’T YOU Consume Cannabis?

  • You cannot consume cannabis in your vehicle.
  • If you rent, you cannot consume recreational cannabis, which includes smoking, edibles, etc., in your rental property without your landlord’s consent.
  • If you live in public housing, recreational cannabis is still illegal to consume in publicly subsidized property.

What does the law say about transporting Cannabis in Illinois?

It must be packaged in an odor proof sealed container. It can only be transported in something that contains the odor of cannabis. It will be sold that way from the dispensaries.

You can only transport within the state of Illinois.  If you travel to another state from Illinois where recreational marijuana is illegal, you will be subject to the laws of that state, and federal laws which prohibit the interstate transportation of cannabis.

Visiting from Out of Town?

While we welcome many out-of-state visitors, the same laws and regulations that apply to residents of Illinois also apply to a visitor.  This is important to remember since we are a bi-state region.  Only cannabis purchased from a licensed dispensary in a form and amount in compliance with Illinois State law is legal in Illinois.  Cannabis in any form or amount is illegal in the State of Iowa.

Other Things to Know

DISCLAIMER: The link below and all information on this page is not intended to be nor is it a comprehensive list of all rules or regulations regarding recreational use of cannabis.  For information on the rollout of the law, please see the adult use cannabis summary regarding HB 1438 – The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

Will “smoking lounges” be in Rock Island County, Illinois?

As of now, it is not legal.

Illinois Made

All cannabis sold in dispensaries across the state will be grown in Illinois (in one of the state’s licensed “cultivation centers”).

Legalization Does Not Mean You Can Grow Your Own

Only state-registered medical cannabis patients can grow cannabis at their residence.

Medical patients get priority

Shortages in the early months of legal cannabis in Illinois could likely lead to shortages. If supplies start running short, particularly on flower, medical patients will become the priority over recreational users.

Be Responsible

As with alcohol, usage of cannabis should be done responsibly. Do not drive while under the influence.

If pulled over, what probable cause do Police need to search a vehicle?

The smell of burnt marijuana is sufficient to search the vehicle.  If a police officer can smell marijuana, burnt marijuana, then that is still probable cause to search your vehicle.

What if the smell lingers on the driver from earlier?

What is smelled by police officers when they preform traffic stops is usually something that is much more recent, a stronger smell that can be smelled outside the car. The thought is that if you are at home, and later on get in the car, that smell would be gone.

Can employers still drug test?

Yes – Employers can prohibit you from using cannabis and can continue to drug test you in certain situations. Unless the federal level decides to change the laws on cannabis, then you are always going to have employers that are bound by federal law. It can be a private company or a company that has some sort of federal compliance.

It Is Still Illegal to Sell Cannabis on the Street

It is illegal for anyone to sell or transfer cannabis to another person.  Only state licensed dispensaries can legally sell cannabis in Illinois.


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