Winter Museum Exhibits

Even though playing in the snow is fun, sometimes you need a break from the snow and dreary skies of the winter months. Go inside to a museum because the Quad Cities has plenty of new traveling exhibits to kick off 2020.

Henry Dreyfuss in his office with John Deere Designs, circa 1966, image courtesy of John Deere

Figge Art Museum

The Figge in downtown Davenport has many different exhibits on display right now.  Figuratively Drawn is about the human form as inspiration. Drawing from the figure has long been part of the traditional training for artists. Using the human form as a jumping off point and drawing as a medium, the artists in this exhibition explore the infinitely varied ways that the body can be portrayed. This exhibition from the Figge collection features works by artists Edouard Duval-Carrié, Leonardo Lasansky, and many others.  Complementing that exhibit is an exhibit of work by George Olson. Using a range of mediums including woodcut relief, ink wash, charcoal and assemblage Olson moves beyond the objects he is referencing to create bold graphic abstractions.

A major exhibit opening Feb. 22, Henry Dreyfuss: Designs for the Modern Age will feature the work of influential industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss and his firm designed the styled John Deere tractor, the Western Electric Model 500 telephone, and numerous other iconic products.

Family Museum

Science + You is groundbreaking, interactive children’s exhibit at the Family Museum in Bettendorf that offers a child-sized laboratory just like a real one where children can explore how scientists impact health and wellness. Through hands-on, interactive machinery, processes, and technology; Science + You demonstrates the role science plays in keeping the body healthy. A demonstration area of the exhibit also will allow visiting scientists and educators to perform fun and interactive scientific experiments appropriate for young children.

Putnam Museum & Science Center

The exploration of science continues at the Putnam in Davenport as they shine a spotlight on the basic building blocks of our universe using chemistry’s iconic key, the periodic table of elements, and show visitors the surprising and quirky ways chemical elements shape the world around us. OMg! Elements of Surprise is an original Putnam exhibit commemorating last year’s tribute as the International Year of the Periodic Table, which marks 150 years since the periodic table of elements was published. It’s incredible to think just 118 chemical elements make up everything from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, every man-made object and even our own bodies! Visitors can become chemists by creating molecular compounds using molecule modelling kits and by setting off virtual chemical reactions as part of the interactive exhibits.

Coming up next at the Putnam is an exhibit about Women’s Suffrage, opening March 7. 2020 is the hundredth anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

German American Heritage Center

The German American Heritage Center is also commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment with a new exhibit opening Feb. 16 featuring German and German-American women who left their mark on the world. Paired with original artwork created by local women artists, we will share the stories of these amazing “Power Frauen.”






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