Local Valentine’s Day ideas for loved ones

Love sweeps through the air with the ever-important February 14th creeping up on us. In the midst of planning treats and cards for school parties and/or the regular busy schedule life brings, many of us lose track of this day of love. A day that is important to celebrate with your significant other (S.O.), your children, and family.

I’ve seen many individuals rush to find cards or gifts last minute to show the people in their lives just how much they care about them. With this in mind, I set out to find a few of the best Quad Cities Valentine’s Day gift and/or plans for both S.O. and family relationships ahead of time, in an attempt to create a miniature-one-stop-shop for Valentine’s Day ideas.

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Art of the Eagle in the Quad Cities

It’s winter in the Quad Cities which is the time of year when visitors come to eagle watch, take eagle watching tours, and enjoy the cold weather nature of the area. Because of the abundance of eagles along the Mississippi River, there are several area artists who study the eagle and incorporate them into their work. Two of my favorite local artists have been involved in photography for many years and find eagles to be strong subjects in their work.

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Making family memories while bald eagle watching

During the winter, the bald eagles grace the Quad Cities area with their presence. Looking for open water as they migrate south from Canada, the national symbol soars over the waters of the Quad Cities portion of the Mississippi River each year. While the featured Bald Eagle Days celebration (first weekend in January) has come and gone, the birds stay in the area a while longer.

Personally, I have several memories of the river and many seem to fall along the ‘eagles’ theme.

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8 Great Comic Book Shops in the Quad Cities

Comic Books and accessories have always been something that “collectors” have loved hunting down–seeking out the newest release or digging for a rare gem in a sea of cardboard boxes. This alongside the booming popularity of superhero films and television shows, the art of comic is alive and well in the Quad Cities.

I recently set out and explored the local fan favorites and have a great time in doing so!

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Annual Quad Cities Jaycees Bridal Expo

When you’re getting married, the planning a wedding can seem overwhelming. Of course, you’re as happy as can be, marrying the love of your life, but when the budget comes into play and the venue choices seem endless — it can leave brides and grooms in a dizzy time crunch trying to go from one place to another to gather information to assist in planning their dream wedding.

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