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8 Great Comic Book Shops in the Quad Cities

Comic Books and accessories have always been something that “collectors” have loved hunting down–seeking out the newest release or digging for a rare gem in a sea of cardboard boxes. This alongside the booming popularity of superhero films and television shows, the art of comic is alive and well in the Quad Cities.

I recently set out and explored the local fan favorites and have a great time in doing so!

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Chic Soiree – New Bakery in Davenport

I recently noticed a new business open up in the West End of Davenport, Chic Soiree, and decided to take a walk down to investigate. What I discovered was a delicious bakery with an amazing story behind it.

I was greeted by Sara Whelchel, a third generation cake baker, who kindly allowed me to hang out in her kitchen with her, while she frosted a cake and told me all about her new business.

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