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Oodles Of Noodles & Breads Galore at Miss Effie’s!

Just a short drive from the Quad Cities in Donahue, Iowa, is the most charming little eclectic flower farm business. Miss Effie’s Country Flowers has been in business since 2001. Lovingly run by Cathy and her husband, “Honey”, this farm on a hill invites you to return again and again. This time I returned for noodle and bread making classes.

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Investigate Nahant Marsh with Toddlers

Learning, understanding, inquiring and exploring begin the minute a child is born. From the first day of their life, they’re looking at everything, wondering about the world and the people around them. As children grow into toddlers and preschoolers, they are into everything — literally. Pulling out the brooms, towels, make-up bags and hair-bands, and piling up everything on the floor they for someone to notice as they count out the objects. Soaked in mud, children run back into the house, beaming in pride at their family members because they found an insect.

The exploration never stops, and the learning does not either. It’s the perfect combination that Nahant Marsh Education Center wants to continue to foster during childhood development through their early childhood programs.

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Aimee Ford and her ‘Lil’ Pugcassos’

Aimee Ford is a local artist with a her own space – AF Studio – located in downtown Moline, in the LeClaire Apartments building at 421 19th Street. There she has been creating a beautiful assortment of pieces with mediums ranging from oils to acrylics on different canvases and woods, filling out the space she moved into in December of 2016.

Ford has now moved onto her next idea – art classes for kids, in a program she calls “Lil’ Pugcassos”, the name being a combination of two loves – pugs and Picasso.

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Learning To Use The Flavors of India At The University Of Illinois Extension

When I think of India, I think of brilliant colors, beautiful art and deliciously aromatic food. Last month I was reading the newsletter from the University of Illinois Extension Office in Rock Island County located in Milan, Illinois. I was delighted to see that they were offering an Indian cooking class again.

I had taken about 3 or 4 of them in the past because the instructor, Sugandhi, was excellent and the food tasting was a memorable experience. Excited to have a chance to learn more techniques, I signed up for the newest class.

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Learning can be fun: Join MPL’s Kid’s Exploratorium Program!

In a world full of social media savvy students, television, video games and tablets, the interest in school activities and content areas is slowly dropping. Most would rather watch their favorite show or text their friends then engage in team building and essential and engaging learning activities.

Moline Public Library is trying to light that genuine interest learning fire back under local students through their S.T.E.A.M. Exploratorium programs.

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St. Ambrose and the QC’s best kept secret

We all know St. Ambrose to be a well-known university in this town, especially for the sciences. Physical Therapy? The place to be. Nursing? One of the best! But Education? I’d never heard of my major being linked to anywhere but larger state schools. However, the smaller, liberal arts centered, St. Ambrose University (SAU), located in Davenport, IA, holds what I believe to be one of the best, well-trained and personalized Teacher Education programs in the Midwest. It is one of SAU’s best kept secrets – and one of their biggest assets, to date. (And I may be a little biased because I go there.)

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Take A Walk On The Creative Side: Geneseo Art League

Being a professional artist and day tripper, I am always looking for new workshops to enhance my skills. Finding a workshop in an interesting town is a plus! This summer I received an event announcement on Facebook from the Geneseo Art League and Gallery.  I was interested in the workshop that was done by a respected working artist, and it was excellent.

Geneseo is growing each year with interesting shops and businesses. The Geneseo Art League has been transformed in the last year and is in a new and larger location with plenty of space for exhibitions and workshops.

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