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Local Valentine’s Day ideas for loved ones

Love sweeps through the air with the ever-important February 14th creeping up on us. In the midst of planning treats and cards for school parties and/or the regular busy schedule life brings, many of us lose track of this day of love. A day that is important to celebrate with your significant other (S.O.), your children, and family.

I’ve seen many individuals rush to find cards or gifts last minute to show the people in their lives just how much they care about them. With this in mind, I set out to find a few of the best Quad Cities Valentine’s Day gift and/or plans for both S.O. and family relationships ahead of time, in an attempt to create a miniature-one-stop-shop for Valentine’s Day ideas.

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Get ready for the workforce with Moline Library’s career events!

Image result for idesLearning how to be prepared for the workforce is an essential part of life – whether you are almost ready to graduate college or you have gone back to school in search of a new career. Even the most seasoned career men and women should look for occasions for professional development, brush up on their resume, and seek career advancement opportunities.

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Promoting literacy in our children

Everyone knows that literacy is an important component of child development. Whether your child is flipping through a book on their own, telling a made up story from their context clues in pictures, or having an adult read to them, it’s all a part of those literacy development stages. And Moline Library hopes to continue to promote this in our preschool children.

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