Sunrise Village Tie Dye in the Park

Family friendliness is one of the top factors that sets the Quad Cities apart from other areas. In the last 20 years, many new store fronts, restaurants, and activities have blossomed. New families have moved to town and the number of people visiting the Quad Cities has increased.

What we do here, we do with joy and compassion, and what impresses me the most, as a teacher and as a life-long QC resident, is how many families head out to family-friendly activities that support a worthy cause. During the upcoming spring and summer seasons, there are plenty of opportunities for such fun, starting with the Sunrise Village event!

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Peace! Visit the Peaceful Style Boutique

Enter a world of comfortable fashion and decor by visiting Peaceful Style Boutique in Bettendorf, Iowa. My friend and I shopped there and we were immediately engaged by the attractive displays of clothing and accessories that fill the shop. From fashionable and moderately priced clothing to home decor and accessories, Peaceful Style Boutique is a breath of fresh air to the Quad Cities lifestyle/clothing scene.

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TBK Bank Sports Complex

The TBK Bank Sports Complex is a newly opened sports and entertainment facility located in Bettendorf at 4850 Competition Drive. This massive place sprawls out over 77-acres with both indoor and outdoor sporting fields as well as a double-decker bowling alley, an arcade complete with escape rooms and laser tag, three bars, two restaurants, and a full-scale fitness center!

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Young learners can explore STEAM education through Bereskin Gallery’s latest program addition

Exploration and curiosity of learning are two of the most important parts of education. From the moment a child enters this world, their lives are often filled with crawling, walking, look, learning — the list is endless. It’s a natural inhibition to want to learn in a hands-on environment. Even reluctant learners can find something to pique their interest when they are immersed in a safe and relevant learning environment. It begs the question, how can we immerse our children in these programs outside of the classroom walls? To further their need to explore?

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Family Museum promotes importance of literacy, interdisciplinary and exploratory learning through Eric Carle exhibit

If there’s one thing you all have figured by my posts over the last several years, I find extreme importance in children’s literacy. As a teacher who has watched literacy develop in Pre-K through 8th grade, you often wonder where does it all began in the lives of your students. Maybe their parent read to their child during their pregnancy, or right after they began their journey in this world — but the real question is, what book did it start with?

I couldn’t even begin to name the books my parents probably read me by the time I was born, or even a month old — the list was that large. But what is common about these lists? They often contain similar books, and several written by Eric Carle.

Author of the childhood classic, A Very Hungry Caterpillar (and more!), Eric Carle’s stories and illustrations have become a favorite part of family libraries. Bettendorf’s Family Museum has placed emphasis on this sentiment through their latest summer exhibition, “A Very Eric Carle: A Very Hungry, Quiet, Lonely, Clumsy, Busy Exhibit.” 

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Jimmy’s Pancake House…It’s All Good!

Jimmy’s Pancake House in both Moline, Illinois, and Bettendorf, Iowa, are family owned restaurants where “everything is made to order with fresh, quality ingredients using Jimmy’s perfected recipes.” My artists breakfast group likes to go monthly to the Moline location to enjoy lively conversation, new idea exchanges, and the delicious food.

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Come explore at Bettendorf Public Library!

Imagination, creativity and expression are key elements in letting a child grow and prosper in life. Literacy is an essential building block in life that can easily incorporate those expressive components important to childhood. We’ve incorporated these important ideas into early childhood classrooms,  playgrounds and activities — which often transfers into the homes – but beyond those two places, exploration for young children can be limited.

Bettendorf Public Library (BPL) has made it their mission to ensure that even in the world outside the classroom–the home or the playground–a child can continue to explore, create, dream, grow and prosper through their Child’s Play: Create, Explore and Experience program.

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