Chocolate Experience at the Quad Cities Botanical Center

There are few people around the area that don’t love chocolate in some form. Whether indulging in a box of store-bought chocolates or making your way downtown to the local excellence of Lagomarcino’s, chocolate is something familiar to know and love. But when the local delicacies are available, the community will often unite together to savor every moment of the event.

On Saturday, April 6, the Quad Cities Botanical Center will house local chocolate shops and bakeries for the day. Dubbed the “Chocolate Experience,” tasty treats will grace the booths at the event along with other local vendors. Tickets must be purchased in order to secure a specific time slot in the two-hour tasting window, which runs 9AM-11PM, 12PM-2PM and 3PM-5PM. Sampling tickets may be limited to purchase at the door. The time is capped to ensure all vendors are able to give guests a “memorable chocolate experience” and have the ability to restock the supply during the off-hour.

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Ship Some QC to a Loved One

Sometimes people that don’t live in the Quad Cities anymore need a little taste of home.  We understand that you can’t come back every week to get your favorite ice cream, chocolate, or pizza.  Or maybe you’ve visited the Quad Cities and you don’t have taco pizza like we do.  We have the info from the sources on the best way to order these items.

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Cocoa Beano Race: Running for Chocolate and giving back to children

I’m a woman who thrives for days on chocolate, a little bit of coffee, de-stressing, and running. It is the perfect balance to creating a healthy lifestyle balanced with some moderation. Personally, I know a lot of people feel the same. How would we get along in our crazy lifestyles without taking a break to embrace our active java and chocolate junkie lifestyles?

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Running on Traditions (Part 3): Cocoa Beano

Next to coffee, what gets you through the day best? Chocolate, of course! As a Pre-K teacher, I’m constantly in the discussion, debating with my co-teachers over who is going to buy the monthly chocolate purchase to save a little of our sanity on those “off days.”  Of course, along with chocolate and coffee, exercise is part of that ultimate combo-pack to boost your overall daily attitude and well-being.

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Local Chocolate Lowdown–QC Delicacy

Come February, we have long forgotten gingerbread cookies and that creamy pumpkin pie that laid our tables over the winter holidays. We’ve said so long and found new love in all things chocolate. Besides, chocolate (well, dark chocolate) has been said to improve health and lower the risk of heart disease and letting chocolate melt in your mouth can soothe coughing fits.

Whether it’s boxes that grace your counter or that expensive bar of dark chocolate someone you love ordered special, that’s not the last of the chocolate extravaganza with Valentine’s Day coming around the corner. And what better way to dive into the sweet treats than seeing what the Quad Cities offers locally?

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Running on Chocolate…


With our beautiful river trails, the Quad Cities the perfect venue for advocates of active and healthy lifestyles.  Lifestyles of balance and happiness. Biking, running, walking, swimming, galore!  You name it.  But with the state-wide and even national pull for our Bix 7, Marathon and even the Firecracker, it is evident the QC is the place-to-be for races!

So turn up those iPods and lace up those sneakers, it’s time for the annual Lagomarcino’s Cocoa Beano 5K.

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Chocolate Celebration & Gardens of Eye Candy

Botanical Center entranceIf you are a chocoholic like myself, you must attend the Quad City Botanical Center ‘s 9th Annual Chocolate Celebration! The moment you walk into the event area on Sunday, May 3rd you will smell the chocolate! Surrounded by local vendors and chocolate makers, you will be able to indulge your cravings by sampling and buying their delicious products. I have attended this event many times and each year is better than the last!

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