Chic Soiree Bakery: Hidden Gem for Gluten-Free Bride

Being gluten-intolerant is far from fun. So many things that were once a delectable treat become outlawed in your daily diet. While the amount of gluten-free items at restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries have increased, the ability to cough down $5 for an item that would usually cost $2 is difficult. It’s a struggle I faced while wedding planning. I found that most of the gluten free cupcakes and cakes I could find we’re going to cost us well over $1000. Because of that, I put my research cap on and started scouring for local places that wouldn’t break our budget. After looking through downtown, I came across a hidden shop in the West End of Davenport that sold gluten-free and vegan friendly options called, Chic Soiree

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Best Sandwiches in the Quad Cities

I asked my fellow Quad Citizens for the best sandwiches available in the Quad Cities and they delivered. My mouth is literally watering as I write this and I can’t wait until my next lunch date! My advice: just start at the top of the list and work your way down. There’s not a single sandwich or establishment on this list that you will regret trying. Sooooo many tasty recommendations!

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Quad Cities Welcomes Portillo’s

When you travel the world, it’s no secret that people will ask you where you’re from. If you say Moline, Davenport, Rock Island, Silvis, East Moline, or Bettendorf or anything beyond the Midwest, the natural response you will get is, “Oh, is that near Chicago?” As you attempt to explain that you live nearly three hours from the city, you finally just give in and respond that it is close to Chicago. While we face these travel frustrations and own where we’re from, we can’t help but wish that a little bit of Chicago cuisine could move just a little bit closer to home. Dish-deep pizzas, Italian beef, Chicago dogs and more. But what if our wishes had finally come true? The long-awaited Portillo’s has been packed in Davenport. 

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The Village Herb Cellar

The Village Herb Cellar has a new location at 4811 North Brady Street, in Davenport, Iowa. I recently had the opportunity to meet with owners, Mary Evelyn Rollings and Mike Strong, to learn all about the business. The storefront itself has a lot to offer those visiting the new space–herbs, spices, oils, herbal supplements, candles, plant-based home needs, jewelry, teas, and homeopathic medicines–the place has it all. If you have any questions or curiosities, the staff considers themselves a resource and are more than willing to help guide you. Continue reading The Village Herb Cellar

Quad Cities Fishing Facts and Events

With the Quad Cities located on the fourth largest river in the world AND settled in and around many other waterways and bodies of waters, it’s a great place to fish! June is an especially fun month to get started because there are some fun fishing events, including FREE fishing days both in Illinois and Iowa. Being so close to the border, we can take advantage of both states’ license free weekends.

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Food Near the Flood: Antonella’s Ristorante

During the 2019 Flood in Davenport, Iowa, our family like many others in the Quad Cities headed towards the wettest places. We found other Quad Citizens supporting the businesses near the flooded streets. Our family safely checked out the flood from the downtown Davenport Skybridge and then headed to a Quad Cities local favorite: Antonella’s Ristorante.

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2019 Putnam Summer Camps

In just a few weeks, schools will be ending for the year and transitioning into summer break. During this time, many parents scurry to find ideas to keep their child engaged, interactive, excited, and avoiding excessive screen time during the summer. It’s important that anything their child does provides learning experiences and/or some sort of physical activity. We are fortunate in the Quad Cities to have multiple opportunities for individuals of all ages in every season — especially, with our local Putnam Museum and Science Center.

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“Enter the Bauhaus: Philosophy of Modern Design” Opens at the German American Heritage Center & Museum

“Enter the Bauhaus: Philosophy of Modern Design” is now open at the German American Heritage Center & Museum, located at 710 W. 2nd Street in Davenport, Iowa. The exhibit is open now until May 26, 2019.  The installation introduces viewers to Walter Gropius, the man behind the philosophy and, eventually, a school that defines and teaches the art and ideas behind Bauhaus. Bauhaus has not only influenced modern design, but has became a category of style all on its own.

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Hot Glass Inc. Is Vibrant and Glowing

Hot Glass Inc. in downtown Davenport renovated their space now with an expanded area for glass production, private classes, couple classes, and corporate team building events.  The industrial feel of the exterior seems dark and mysterious, but the interior is warm and alive.  With the excitement of the artisans demonstrating glass blowing, it was like entering another world of blazing fire and vibrant art glass.

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