TBK Bank Sports Complex

The TBK Bank Sports Complex is a newly opened sports and entertainment facility located in Bettendorf at 4850 Competition Drive. This massive place sprawls out over 77-acres with both indoor and outdoor sporting fields as well as a double-decker bowling alley, an arcade complete with escape rooms and laser tag, three bars, two restaurants, and a full-scale fitness center!

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Stop, relax and de-stress with the kids

We all need a moment to relax.

In a world where we are always on-the-go, trying to balance a life that can consists of school, kids, cleaning, work, trying to hit the gym to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, and backed-up construction-filled bridges when we just want to get somewhere, we break down in the stress of it all.

And sometimes we fail to realize that the little ones around us feed off that stress and it impacts their health as well.

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Modern Dance Class for Adults

Beginning next month at the Davenport location of Indigo Wellness is a new class called “Modern Dance, Mindful Movement”. The class starts Wednesday, February 3, goes from 5:30-6:30pm, and will meet once a week for 6 weeks.

As an avid fan of yoga and dancing in the name of fitness (I’ve been doing Zumba for years.), I was intrigued.  I reached out to the instructor, Nikki Jones, who also happens to be a friend of mine. I invited her to show me what she’s working on and to hear all about her next adventure.

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Running on Chocolate…


With our beautiful river trails, the Quad Cities the perfect venue for advocates of active and healthy lifestyles.  Lifestyles of balance and happiness. Biking, running, walking, swimming, galore!  You name it.  But with the state-wide and even national pull for our Bix 7, Marathon and even the Firecracker, it is evident the QC is the place-to-be for races!

So turn up those iPods and lace up those sneakers, it’s time for the annual Lagomarcino’s Cocoa Beano 5K.

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