Top 5 Favorite Healthy QC Restaurants

As we begin this new year, many of us make resolutions to make healthier choices, and this includes eating better. There are few things in this life that we have control over, the food that we use to fuel and energize ourselves is one of those things. We all know this and, yet, this country as a whole still consistently overeats and eats things that are not good for our bodies. I’ve been working very hard to change this for myself, at home, and am now choosing to frequent establishments that support me in this goal.

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Vitamin H: Your Key to a Fit and Healthy Summer

When your body is running in tip-top shape, you may feel like you are driving a finely tuned sports car. Unfortunately, many of us are coming out of a long winter and as the layers of clothing peel away, realize that our finely tuned “sports car” may bear a closer resemblance to a minivan than a Ferrari, and may be in need of a tune up for the summer months.

“What the heck is Vitamin H?”

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