Learning To Use The Flavors of India At The University Of Illinois Extension

When I think of India, I think of brilliant colors, beautiful art and deliciously aromatic food. Last month I was reading the newsletter from the University of Illinois Extension Office in Rock Island County located in Milan, Illinois. I was delighted to see that they were offering an Indian cooking class again.

I had taken about 3 or 4 of them in the past because the instructor, Sugandhi, was excellent and the food tasting was a memorable experience. Excited to have a chance to learn more techniques, I signed up for the newest class.

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Get your kids in the kitchen with Hy-Vee

If you’ve watched Top Chef Junior, you’ve probably thought about how to get your kids interested in cooking.

Luckily, there are great classes right in the Quad Cities that give your kids the chance to learn skills in the kitchen. Our friends at our local Hy-Vee stores have plenty of options for ways to kids comfortable making meals and finding their way around the kitchen.

Maybe this won’t lead to television fame, but it could be a great way to encourage your kids to make you breakfast one day. Plus, the classes are all focused on healthier recipes, which all parents will love.

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Quad Cities Craft Beer Week

Monday, May 16th kicks off the 4th annual Quad Cities Beer Week (QCBW), and will run through to Saturday, May 21st. QCBW is put on by a group of local beer fanatics that use the week to recognize all the cool craft beer on-goings of the Quad Cities. Whether its beer from local or home brewers, delivered to us via distributors, or paired alongside a delicious meal, craft beer can be reveled with in many ways.QC Craft Beer Week Logo

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Not Overwhelming Wine and Spirits Class

Jamie Watters, the manager of Wine and Spirits at the Rock Island Hy-Vee, located at 2930 18th Avenue, is doing some neat things at their store. Earlier this year he began hosting educational classes in order to not only promote different products available, but also to inform customers of their options in an ever-growing craft-centric market. It can be very overwhelming these days to walk into a craft beer and spirits section of a store. Mr. Watters is providing fun ways to try out a variety of different things.

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Holidays at Hy-Vee!

We have all been that child (or adult) who has furiously tried to keep together the remaining shreds of a toppling gingerbread house. Why wouldn’t it stay together? Of course, most of us would quickly say that it had nothing to do with the frosting smeared directions that had been diverted from after step two, or the fact that cousin John Boy ate part of the graham cracker retaining wall. All in all, those years, it just “wasn’t meant to be.”

But forget the lost wanders of your childhood and avoid that disaster in your kitchen. Continue reading Holidays at Hy-Vee!

Chef Brandon Zawada of Milan Hy-Vee

Chef Brandon Zawada of the Hy-Vee located at 201 10th Ave W in Milan, Illinois, has been doing some pretty interesting things lately. Intrigued by what I had experienced and what I kept hearing from other people, I asked him if I could sit down and ask him some questions about what he’s up to and what his job entails.

I learned that every single Hy-Vee has an executive chef who oversees many different things in various sectors of the store. Chef Zawada oversees the Market Cafe as well as the several other kitchens in Hy-Vee. He has many different responsibilities and absolutely loves it.

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