Hot Hot Chocolate! Polar Express Pajama Party returns to the Putnam

As you look out the frost covered windows during this month, many of us dwell on what the holiday season means to us. Every person you meet will answer that question differently — but most will note the importance of family, giving, holiday decor, and cheer.

During this busy time, most families are constantly on the go with little time to spend together until the holidays arrive. However, in those open pockets of time, the Putnam Museum has their 4-day annual Polar Express Pajama Party, giving an opportunity to spend quality family time together.

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11 places to take your child in the Quad Cities before kindergarten

As parents, we are lucky to raise our kids in a wonderful spot with tons of great family-friendly events and activities. And the learning opportunities! We live in a community with museums, parks and natural wonders like the Mississippi River!

But if you are anything like me, you may miss some of the hidden gems in the area because you get in the habit of going to your favorite spots.

Research shows that much of your child’s brain development occurs before age 5. We can help that brain development in lots of ways, but I especially love taking my son to local spots to help him learn and grow before he enters kindergarten. As a bonus, I enjoy these spots, too.

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Weekend of Family Fun in the Quad Cities

If you have kids under 12, the Quad Cities is a great spot to spend a weekend away any time of the year. (And if you are from the Quad Cities, you can have a wonderful staycation.)

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy making memories – even in the middle of the winter. Check out our picks for a trip with your family! (You could stay busy for a weekend or a full week with our added ideas at the bottom of this post.)

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Love is Still All You Need: Beatlemania Returns at the Putnam

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, we hope you will enjoy the show…”

And “enjoy the show” is certainly what Beatles fans did for decades after the band premiered in the late 1950s/early 1960s. Even after the band disbanded in 1969-70, their music continues to live on for all the generations following.

Now, fans old and new have the chance to relive the decade of some of the greatest rock music to ever exist through the Putnam Museum’s new exhibit, The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Exhibition.

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Holiday movie + Festival of Trees = perfect weekend

Festival of Trees is right around the corner – which is really the kickoff to the holiday season in the Quad Cities.

You probably already know about the trees, the shows, the parade and the special events. Maybe you think you know everything there is to know about Festival of Trees. (Read about some of my favorite parts of the annual event from last year.)

But this year, I’m also excited about a brand new partnership between Festival of Trees and the Putnam Museum. Because there’s a new event you won’t want to miss – and it’s fun for the entire family.

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‘The Discovery of King Tut’ Opens at the Putnam Museum

I recently had the pleasure of joining the Press Circuit on Friday, March 4, for a sneak peek preview of “The Discovery of King Tut”, the new exhibit at the Putnam Museum & Science Center.  The exposition covers Howard Carter’s exploration into King Tut’s tomb that he entered into in 1922 and what he found inside.

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Adult Coloring in the QCA

You may or may not have noticed, but Adult Coloring is all the rage right now and it has taken hold in the Quad Cities. I started noticing coloring products being sold specifically to adults during my travels over the last six months. They were being sold at airports, bookstores have dedicated sections to adult coloring now, and I saw color pages being sold at a music festival.

The trend has set in our area as well. Both the Putnam Museum and the Rock Island Public Library are hosting Adult Coloring Parties regularly and I decided to attend one and check it out.

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Putnam Family Fun!

Learning plays a pivotal role in every child’s life. Students attempt to absorb vast amounts of knowledge upon entering their schooling. But when you can bring that learning to life for a child and provide them with that “hands-on” learning experience that is when the information truly becomes a part of them. This and more can be done easily at the Quad Cities Putnam Museum.

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U.S. Navy Lands in the Quad Cities this Week

16753814233_27121d7a47_z Your U.S. Navy is in the Quad Cities this week for Navy Week.  This visit coincides with the 29th Quad City Air Show this weekend.  (Yes, the Air Show is really early this year–the earliest ever!)

Quad Cities Navy Week (May 4-10) is designed to provide area residents an opportunity to learn about the U.S. Navy, its people, and its importance to national security and prosperity. Included in the schedule in the Quad Cities for the public are Navy Band performances, Explosive Ordnance Disposal robot demonstrations, Sailors from the USS Constitution (the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat), Sailors from USS The Sullivans, and Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron “Blue Angels” at the Quad City Air Show.

Here are some great ways you can see concerts and kids can meet sailors as part of STEM exhibits at the Putnam Museum and Family Museum.

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