Engineer your own Valentine’s Day cards at Smith Studio & Gallery

Smith Studio and Art Gallery understands the importance of a homemade card and the creativity bubbling among our students. The Geneseo art gallery will spark imagination and invention during a children’s Valentine’s Day printmaking and card art class this February.

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Local Chocolate Lowdown–QC Delicacy

Come February, we have long forgotten gingerbread cookies and that creamy pumpkin pie that laid our tables over the winter holidays. We’ve said so long and found new love in all things chocolate. Besides, chocolate (well, dark chocolate) has been said to improve health and lower the risk of heart disease and letting chocolate melt in your mouth can soothe coughing fits.

Whether it’s boxes that grace your counter or that expensive bar of dark chocolate someone you love ordered special, that’s not the last of the chocolate extravaganza with Valentine’s Day coming around the corner. And what better way to dive into the sweet treats than seeing what the Quad Cities offers locally?

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