Doulpalooza 2017 Sponsored by ICAN of the Quad Cities

Are you planning to become pregnant? Are you now pregnant? Want to know more about childbirth options?

Bring your significant other and join us at ICAN of the Quad Cites monthly meeting for DOULAPALOOZA 2017!

What to expect during a FREE DOULAPALOOZA event:
1) Speed dating doulas from the Quad Cities
2) There is something for everyone looking for a doula (birth/postpartum)
3) Interview several doulas in one place
4) Find the doula of your dreams
5) Bring your list of questions for the doulas
6) Doula support demonstrations
7) Family friendly fun
8) Prizes!
9) Healthy snacks and drinks will be served

Don’t have someone to watch the littles? No problem! Meetings are FREE and family friendly. Meet us in the Lower Craft Room of the Butterworth Center. Childcare not available.

Meetings are not intended for the purpose of preparing children for birth. Childcare not available. Meetings are intended as support for moms and their significant others recovering from a cesarean, planning a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC), planning for cesarean birth after a cesarean (CBAC), acquiring information for the purpose of avoiding a primary (first) cesarean, birth trauma recovery, and so much more.

ICAN of the Quad Cities meetings may not be used for the purpose of networking by birth-workers, care providers, businesses, etc.

Have questions? Contact an ICAN of the Quad Cities representative at

Butterworth Center • 1105 8th Street • Moline, Illinois
This event occurs in the past
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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