WHAT: Painting With Fire by Carol Hamilton & The Grayed Air by Matt Pulford


WHERE: Quad City Arts Gallery, Rock Island


EXHIBITION DATES: August 24th through October 12th, 2018


RECEPTION: Friday, August 24th, 7-9 pm




On exhibit from August 24th through October 12th, 2018, will be encaustic pieces by Carol Hamilton of Harvard, IL, and mixed media works by Matt Pulford of Davenport, IA.


Carol Hamilton presents “Painting with Fire. Hamilton’s luminous pieces explore the “touchable” aspects of encaustic. The work, which invites close examination of its details, contrasts deep textural and sculptural treatment of the wax with extremely smooth, glossy surfaces.


Matt Pulford presents “The Grayed Air.” Pulford is a mixed media artist whose interest in painting and installation work is inspired by expansive landscapes. Longing for escape from the clutter and distractions of everyday life, he seeks wide-open areas where he immerses himself within the sensory stimuli of nature. His yearning for these experiences manifests itself in the form of whimsical abstractions and darker narratives that touch on ritual, lore, and death.


Both artists are concerned with the senses and the way we experience our environments. Whether they involve actual texture in the form of beeswax (Hamilton’s work) or implied movement within abstract environments (Pulford’s), the pieces encourage viewers to become aware of, and appreciate, the objects and spaces around them.


The public is invited to meet the artists and enjoy complimentary food and beverages from 7-9pm on August 24th at Quad City Arts in Rock Island.


Quad City Arts • 1715 - 2nd Avenue • Rock Island, Illinois
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