Designed for high school students in ninth through 11th grade, this program
examines the A, B, Cs of song structure, as well as rhyme schemes, riffs,
bridges, lyric writing, melody and music. The program offers off-campus
field trips, including a visit to an area recording studio, as well as attendance
at a live show over the lunch hour. In addition to classroom instruction,
students will document their progress through a program blog. On the final
day of the program, instructors and students will perform or read lyrics
created during the week (Note: Although participants are not required
to read or sing their work, we ask that they make available their pieces
for performance by the instructors or other students.) Participants are
encouraged to bring one or two songs, written either by their favorite artist
or by the student. These will be used for class reading and discussion. For
students interested in rap music, we ask that they bring their beats with them.

Western Illinois University Quad Cities • 3300 River Drive • Moline, Illinois
This event occurs in the past
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
309-762-9481 ext. 62357
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