Art Exhibition - "Mandelas" by Heather Shore

The beautiful “Mandelas” of artist Heather Shore are currently on exhibit at the Smith Studio and Gallery in Geneseo, Illinois. These bright images are all of a geometric design with imagery that follows a theme.

Heather Shore is focused on the art of making mandalas.  These circular designs can be found in almost every religion and region of the world, such as the rose windows in Christian churches or the dream catchers of Native Americans.  The term “mandala” is a Sanskrit word that can be loosely translated as “circle”.  One common interpretation of the mandala is that it is a representation of our physical or spiritual world.

Heather’s fine artworks are a collage of cut paper and acrylic paint.  Taking clippings from magazines, Heather finds that they have many possibilities when the images are taken out of context.  Flesh becomes a ripple of color.  Mass produced garments or kitchen appliances cease to become objects and instead become line and value.  For symbolic and visual reasons Heather works to balance the use of commercial images with the pigment applied with her own hand.

Smith Studio and Gallery • 124 S. State Street • Geneseo, Illinois
This event occurs in the past
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM