Call for Submissions Community Poetry Blog 2017

Call for Submissions Community Poetry Blog 2017 | Leaps of (Poetic) Faith

Aubrey Barnes will be curating a community poetry blog as part of his work as the Midwest Writing Center's fall 2017 Poet-in-Residence. Submissions will be accepted through November 25.

Thematic Guidelines:

When we are experiencing difficulties in our lives, a commonly heard phrase is used to offer sympathy, or to hearten and encourage us: “have faith”—in institutions, in a higher power, in people who care about us, in ourselves. But what exactly does “having faith” look like? What does it mean to have faith? What, or whom, do we have faith in? What inspires our faith? Have we ever lost faith in someone/something? Is faith recoverable?

For this project, we are asking the community to reflect on the idea of “faith” in a poetic way. Considering what a power concept faith can be, and how widely faith can be interpreted, we are interested in see how individuals define, describe, or enact faith using poetry as a medium.

Poems can be any style. Submissions selected by Aubrey Barnes will appear on the Community Poetry Blog ( on a rolling basis throughout October and November. All contributors are invited to read at a community-wide poetry reading featuring Aubrey Barnes on Thursday, November 30, 8 PM at Rozz-Tox in Rock Island (event is free & open to the public, and will be preceded by an open mic at 7pm.

Submission Guidelines:

-No previously published work, please
-Any style, form, etc. is welcome
-You may submit up to two poems
-Submit all poems/etc. in a single file attachments (.doc, .docx, or .rtf only, please!) 
-Use a standard font and formatting (Times New Roman, 12 point, single space) 

Please email all submissions to Aubrey Barnes at

Please note: since this is published on a specifically formatted blog, we are restricted in our ability to accommodate some experimentations with format/font. If you have questions about the formatting of your work, please contact us at 

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