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Outdoor Workout Classes

Fun-tastic Fitness Ideas In the Quad Cities

Confused about what kinds of exercises and activities will have the greatest impact on your physique? Are you worried about “feeling stupid” for not knowing what to do if you are in a gym or class?

The good news is that any kind of activity that will get you moving will quickly put you on the path toward better energy, vitality, and the body you deserve. Most fitness activities fall into 1 of 2 categories: Individual or group.

Please check with your doc to make sure that your ideal fitness program is going to work for you (legal disclaimer out of the way…)

Self-Directed Exercise Activities

If you are disciplined enough to watch fitness videos in the comfort of your own home and actually do the exercises, bravo! These home-study type of courses may produce excellent results quickly. Perhaps you enjoy running or riding on one of our many bike paths in the Quad Cities area.

“The hardest part of any workout is getting your shoes on!”– Katherine Switzer

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Fresh Fun: Freight House Farmer’s Market

Fresh food and warm summer breezes? Sounds like a good time to me. And that is exactly what you will get if you visit the Freight House Farmer’s Market during the summer season.

Beginning in early May, the Farmer’s Market re-opens its outdoor setting with fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, cheeses, jellies, jams and so much more from exclusively local Iowa and Illinois farmers and vendors. From Inchein’s delicious tomatoes to the LeClaire Kettle Corn Company, there is something for everyone in the family at this market day.

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Plan for Adventure!


1468694_236424653193469_1438282423_nThe Mississippi Valley that we are nestled in has a storied history, generations of people living, building, and battling on the banks of the fourth longest river in the world. While it may seem that back in times of the olden days communities were more directly tied to the terrain, may it be through their means of transportation or agriculture, that was more out of a means of necessity. Today the advancements of our technologically focused lives may not get us outside as often as those who settled our land, but we can choose to step outside and enjoy the beauty of the Quad. There are still many adventures for us to be had here.10615323_351913178311282_5953605609650597462_n

Not sure where to start? Plan for Adventure, LLC, (PFA), may just be what you’re looking for. It’s an outdoors club focused on helping you seek, set, and fulfill your adventure goals and there are so many different ways they can help.

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Artists Study the Sanctuary of Nahant Marsh

Nahant Marsh Acrylic  by Deborah Doehler
Nahant Marsh
by Deborah Doehler

I first discovered the nature preserve of Nahant Marsh in west Davenport, Iowa, while taking a landscape painting class from artist, Kristin Quinn, in the fall of 2008. It was here that I rekindled my love of landscape painting while being intrigued with the natural habitat of the marsh. Inspiration through natural form is abundant in this mystical copy 13

So, it was interesting to me to discover that artists Audrey Brown of Rock Island, IL, and Randy Richmond of Muscatine, IA, were also drawn into the Nahant Marsh experience.

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9 Favorites for Water Fun in the Quad Cities

For family fun in the Quad Cities, just add water.

Summertime is the best time to dust off the swimsuit and towel. And there are so many great spots to cool off and have fun.

The best part, you can check them all out this summer, too!

Splash pad1

Here are my top 9 choices for water fun this summer. (There are even a few that involve water, but don’t require you to put on a bathing suit.)

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Quad Cities Museum Week, June 13-21

Museum Week horiz w-datesOn June 13-21, more than twenty museums from across the Quad Cities region will welcome visitors for a week-long adventure of fun activities, great discoveries, and exploration. Don’t miss the first-ever Quad Cities Museum Week! Information on participating museums and their events can be found at

Quad Cities Museum Week is for everyone! Enjoy this celebration of the region’s museums and participate in special activities, exhibits and promotions during this fun-filled week. Each museum features its own, unique theme, history, galleries, and exhibits. Come and discover these wonderful gems!

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