Plenty of girl power with Miranda Lambert at iWireless Center

You could sum up Miranda Lambert’s Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars show in two words – GIRL POWER.

LM_01(Photo credit: Laura Mullen, iWireless Center)

The arena at iWireless Center was nearly sold out Saturday night, and there were an abundance of cowgirl boots, short skirts and rhinestones. It was ladies’ night on hot pink, sparkly steroids.

The show was headlined by the insanely popular Miranda Lambert, a bold and beautiful blonde who rocks hard. And with every passionate song, she had the crowd of thousands rocking and singing with her.

It felt like a karaoke night with friends – only in this case, your best friend was the extraordinary bombshell herself.

It seems that every song Lambert strummed was met with thunderous applause and a strong chorus of backup singers. And every song crooned seemed to be an top hit – from fun party songs like “Fastest Girl in Town” and “Gunpowder and Lead” to slower ballads like “The House that Built Me.”

The best part of Lambert, as a fan, is that she is a perfect mix of sweet and sassy. She easily switches from tenderhearted to boisterous and vindictive. She seems like a real woman with real emotions – and a heckuva lot of talent.

In short, a lady I’d love to be friends with and would never want to cross.

(Seriously. I wouldn’t mess with her.)

Judging by the response of the crowd, thousands of Quad Citians agree. When she strolled on stage, the entire arena got on its feet. And for about an hour and a half, the crowd rocked together.

Laura Mullen

(Photo credit: Laura Mullen, iWireless Center)

But Lambert wasn’t the only lady on stage. Her opening acts included lots of other feminine powerhouses – country newcomers Courtney Cole and Clare Dunn, and “The Voice” contestant RaeLynn (who broke into the country music charts with “God Made Girls”).

The women each blended a mix of current highs, hot covers and new music. They also joined Lambert during her set for a song together. While Lambert was certainly the headliner and showstopper, the other stars also started the party and kept the crowd singing and dancing

If it felt like a night with friends, it’s because Lambert made it feel that way. She seemed to be the biggest fans of her opening acts – even donning a Courtney Cole shirt for the show.

And the women all praised each other, which was a welcome shift from much of the star drama reported in the tabloids. It made me rush to iTunes to pick up songs from each of the female artists myself.

Because we ladies have to stick together.

I think Miranda Lambert would agree!


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