A Murder Mystery at the Redstone Room

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the CAA Murder Mystery Fundraiser held at the River Music Experience in downtown Davenport. The CAA, or Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cites, invited The Murder Mystery Co. to put on a 1950s theme evening for our community for a great cause.

According to their website, the CAA in Davenport is “a public magnet school that provides arts integrated education to arts-inclined students, regardless of gender, race, economic status, or orientation.” Magnet schools follow state and district requirements, but teach with a focus on the theme of the school, in this case its the creative arts.

Meet and Greet with the Actors and a Silent Auction.

The evening began with socialization around the silent auction and then seating of attendees. The house was packed with close to 300 people, adults and children alike. As this was in support of education, it was a family-friendly event with children of all ages there. Many people were dressed up in 1950’s fashion, which was encouraged when purchasing your ticket.

A packed house!

The evening began by an introduction of the actors involved and the plan of the night. We would have two breaks; each for gathering more clues in trying to solve the case, the first one for dinner. There was a cheeseburger contest that evening, a competition between 5 local businesses on who made the best burger. The winner of the night was Me & Billy. The other contenders were: Machine Shed, Van’s Moline, Front Street Brewery, and the Outing Club. They were all delicious!

5 types of cheeseburgers.

As the evening went along, we were given more clues to rule out different suspects, asking questions of those around us, trading secrets for others, and slowly figuring out who had done it. After the winner was announced and prizes awarded, a class from the Creative Arts Academy performed a great dance number to close out the night.

The final interrogation.

The event was $25 for a ticket with the food included and there was a cash bar for drinks. Between the door, the silent auction and the raffles held, the event raised $10,000 for the Creative Arts Academy of the Quad Cities. It was a lively evening for a wonderful cause.

A great dance number for the finale.


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Deborah Davis Deborah Davis, otherwise known as QCAlegirl, was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, where she currently resides. A self-proclaimed craft beer fanatic, she spends her days either working at a local nano-brewery or researching and writing for her blog, qcalegirl.com. While she’s not traveling around the Midwest in search of new experiences, she also enjoys yoga, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

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