Play Ninja Warrior at Davenport Park

Quad Citizens are super excited about the new play equipment at Sunderbruch Park in Davenport, Iowa, because the various installments are much like the obstacles in the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior.

From climbing ropes to balancing beams to quintuple steps, the park offers a challenging array of adventurous fun in a fitness circuit.

Rachel Gustafson from Rock Island shares her perspective: “We took four kids ages 13-15. It was really challenging but most thought it was fun. It was laid out very similarly to the American Ninja show, being a course you can do in its entirety including all 14 obstacles (if I counted correctly).

“Our kids liked the A-climber, quadruple step, and rope climb the best. They had fun timing each other and seeing if they could improve their speed.”

Luke Gustafson (13) putting it all on the line at the Rope Jump.

Each challenge offers a sign showing how it’s supposed to be used. 15-year-old Grace is attempting the Wheel Bridge in this photo though she said “Some of the obstacles were really hard and we never saw anyone who could complete them (Spiderwalk and Wheelbridge).”

The “Ninja-Warrior-style” playground suggests it is for ages 13 and older and is made by FitCore Extreme Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

Rachel explains, “When we were there it was very crowded (glad to see it being used!) and was full of teens, and a few adults.  There was one professional looking Ninja warrior practicing for something impressive, and it was fun to see what he could do.

“The obstacles are all very challenging, and require some strength, height and athleticism. It’s a great way to get older kids outside and doing something different, for free!

“There were a few younger kids, and maybe 4-6 obstacles that they might be able to tackle, but I could see it being frustrating for them. I was glad we hadn’t brought our 8-year-old as she would have run out of things she could do.”

5-year-old Fiona from Davenport climbs the rope. Her family would recommend waiting until kids are a little older as there were only two things young kids could really enjoy.

Rachel advises: “Bring cold drinks as there is no shade and it gets very hot.

“It would have been great to have gloves with grips. Quite a few people were getting their hands torn up trying to do the rope climbs and slipping off the obstacles like the hanging balls. The few that did think ahead and bring gloves definitely had an advantage.”

When visiting the Ninja playground, Quad Citizens recommend staying for the off-road mountain bike and running/hiking trails winding their way through the 134-acre park. They, too, will offer an adventurous workout.

Mitch Elliot from Davenport says: “I love running the trails at Sunderbruch. If there’s a park where a playground like this truly belongs, it’s there. The trails challenge you, and so should the playground. It just fits in with what Sunderbruch is to me.”

Agreeing with Mitch, Keri Bass, Davenport mom of Carter (10) and twins Ella and Emma (8), offers more praise for all the park has to offer: “Sunderbruch Park is one of our favorite places in the QC.”

Located at 4675 Telegraph Rd, you’ll find all this and more!


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