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Colleges to Visit in the Quad Cities

With 400,000 people in the Quad Cities area, we offer a unique location to go to college. We aren’t a typical “college town” but we also aren’t a “small town in the middle of a cornfield.” Instead we offer college students some great benefits: opportunities for job shadowing and internships, a limited pool of competitors for those opportunities (unlike large cities or college towns with a glut of youth looking for experience), affordable sports and arts events, a fun nightlife with a variety of downtowns, and a safe place to grow to adulthood.

If you have (or are) a student searching for colleges, I highly recommend putting the Quad Cities colleges on your list of places to stop.

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Hauberg Estate Tours

The Hauberg Civic Center, 1300 24th Street in Rock Island, Illinois, is also known as Hauberg Estate, a beautiful place tucked on top of the hill. This seven-acre establishment has been known by many names over the years since it’s completion in 1911, now serving as a host to many different events, supported by the members of our community.

The Tulip Fountain at the Hauberg Civic Center

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Explore The Past At The Rock Island County Historical Society

My feeling is that it is important to explore the past to understand the present and to prepare for the future. With this in mind, I went with my antique club to take a tour of the Rock Island County Historical Society. Located since 1962 in the historical area of Moline, Illinois, across from the Deere-Wiman Home and Butterworth Center, the volunteer-run historical society has been in existence since 1905. In the past decade, there have been many changes and additions to the museum and research facilities.

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9/11 Never Forget Mobile Exhibit Comes to Rock Island

Where were you on 9/11?

I was 12 years old, a few weeks into seventh grade. I got to my health class and noticed the TV was turned on. The teacher was standing in front of it, his hand at his mouth. Footage of the attacks. The planes crashing. The towers falling.

I remember the bus ride home was silent. As students were dropped off at their stops, their parents rushed out to meet them, cheeks wet.

By most accounts, I was still a child. I was shaken throughout the day – the week, the month, the year – but didn’t comprehend the attacks the same way an adult did.

Now that I’ve grown, I approach the 15th anniversary of 9/11 with a new set of eyes, experiences and emotions.

I now know the story of Stephen Gerald Siller, one of the hundreds of FDNY firefighters who lost his life while saving others on 9/11. He was 34 years old.

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Lavender Crest Winery: Special Place To Wine & Dine

Since I am a fan of short day trips, I think Lavender Crest Winery in Colona, Illinois, is a must visit destination. Lavender Crest, which opened in 2004, is located on 9 acres of rich land. It is a special place to enjoy outside dining as well as indoor dining, special occasions and events. The outdoor dining area is on a shaded patio and looks out onto the vineyard and a large gazebo.

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Cool Places–Tunnels between Historic Houses

Do you like cool places?

The Butterworth Center & Deere-Wiman House are located in the Overlook District of Moline, Illinois, at 1105-8th Street, Moline. Both historic homes once belonged to John Deere’s descendants but are now operated by the William Butterworth Foundation.

You can check out the tunnel tour at the Deere-Wiman House on Sunday, June 26 from 12-5 pm.

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