The Hauberg Civic Center

The Hauberg Civic Center, 1300 24th Street in Rock Island, Illinois, is also known as Hauberg Estate, a beautiful place tucked on top of the hill. This seven-acre establishment has been known by many names over the years since it’s completion in 1911, now serving as a host to many different events, supported by the members of our community.

The Tulip Fountain at the Hauberg Civic Center

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Cool Places–Tunnels between Historic Houses

Do you like cool places?

The Butterworth Center & Deere-Wiman House are located in the Overlook District of Moline, Illinois, at 1105-8th Street, Moline. Both historic homes once belonged to John Deere’s descendants but are now operated by the William Butterworth Foundation.

You can check out the tunnel tour at the Deere-Wiman House on Sunday, June 26 from 12-5 pm.

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